Dating Process:

Dating Process:

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Sep 27, 07 at 03:09pm
Dating Process:

6 weeks: I love U, I love U, I love U.
6 months: Of course I love U.
6 years: GOD, if I didn't love U, then why the hell did I propose?

Back from Work:
6 weeks: Honey, I'm home.
6 months: BACK!!
6 years: What did your mom cook for us today?

6 weeks: Honey, I really hope you liked the ring.
6 months: I bought you a painting, it would in the living room.
6 years: Here's the money. Buy yourself something.

Phone Ringing:
6 weeks: Baby, somebody wants you on the phone.
6 months: Here, for you.

6 weeks: I never knew food could taste so good!
6 months: What are we having for dinner tonight?
6 years: AGAIN!

Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? :x


Sep 28, 07 at 08:18am
hahaha...good one Tex60.:lol::lol::lol: