Chapter 7 – The Shower

Chapter 7 – The Shower

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Sep 4, 07 at 06:41am
I awakened the next morning to the sun peaking in through the curtains, and my first thought was, “Wow - that was quite a dream ”… I was sure
though that I had some of the most powerful orgasms ever in that dream, and I felt wonderful.
Yet, there she was… this beautiful, blonde goddess snuggled into my chest and making sounds like a purring cat. Even her fingernails were
sort of kneading my flesh like a cat’s claws do when it purrs. One would think that would be a good indicator that I hadn’t dreamed the events of last night, but there was still a trace of doubt lingering…

Stirring and squirming against me, she raised her head to look at me. Seeing that I was awake, she smiled widely and pulled my head to hers
and kissed me deeply. Then she held my head to her neck while running her fingers through my hair and said, “G’mornin, my pet”.

The phrase somewhat shocked my still waking mind – being called “my pet” was not something I dreamed up – so all doubt was now gone. She reached for my hand and placed it under hers, and on top of the cock she
was still wearing, and caressed it by moving my hand along its length. I heard her let out a quick breath in my ear as if I had caressed her actual body. Nope – definitely didn’t dream it…

She pulled her head back and looked at my face. Then she bit her lower lip like she had last night (and looked damn sexy doing it) and let out a
short and somewhat evil sounding chuckle. The Vixen was quite pleased with herself I surmised...

“C’mon – let’s take a shower” she said and led me by the hand toward the bathroom. “Aren’t you going to take that off?” I inquired. She did that spin on her tip-toes to face me and replied, “Nope. I’m kinda getting off on wearing it - in case you hadn’t noticed. Besides, it needs to be washed
like the rest of me does ” Then she grinned, spun around forward and led me by my cock into the shower.
After getting ourselves wet, I took the shampoo bottle from her, poured some into my hands, and then starting working it into her hair. She closed
her eyes while facing me, smiled and played with my cock while I massaged the shampoo into her scalp. The longer I worked the shampoo all through her hair, the faster she started stroking me. I gasped and felt
myself approaching an orgasm, but she quickly stopped and said, “No-no Don’t cum yet ”. Then she wrapped her arms around me and leaned her chin on my chest. She took a deep breath and said, “oh you’re good with
those hands… damn good” and giggled. Then her breathing began to get stuttered. I kept rubbing her head like it was a sexual organ and she began moaning. She started pushing her head around in my hands as she
let out little gasps. “Oh my god, baby I can’t take much more of this ” and her fingernails dug into my flesh. Quickly her hand grabbed one of mine and pulled it down between her legs. I rubbed her clit up and down while rubbing her head with my other hand. She shrieked and stood up on
her tip-toes, and then I heard the stuttered breaths of her orgasm… and she totally collapsed down to her hands and knees.

She didn’t move as I took the shower wand and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. When I was done, she mumbled, “I don’t believe you did that… HOW the fuck… did you DOOOOOOOOO that??” The she lifted her head up – which was right in front of my cock, and grabbed it one hand while
steadying herself against the wall with the other, and took it into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmm” she went and I felt the vibrations in my cock. She didn’t stop moaning around it, and quickly I got real hard as she sucked me harder and faster. I moaned and gasped – and then she
looked up. Seeing that I was getting close, she took her mouth away and said, “Ut uh – not yet, baby” and stood up.

We each took a washcloth with soap and began washing each other – but when I tried to wash her strapon she moved my hand away and just grinned at me. I was confused but didn’t argue. After my hair and the rest of us was washed, she put a soapy washcloth in my hand said, “Now…
wash my cock” But, I reached for it, she placed her hands on my shoulders as she said, “and I think you need to do it on your knees” and pushed until I went down on my knees in front of her. Then she reached
down and lifted my chin up to look up at her and said, “do a good job, my soon-to-be slut” with a sweet smile.

With a firm hand, I washed it like it was an actual cock and she stood there with her hands on her hips watching me. Sometimes she would wiggle her hips to slap me in the face with it and then giggle. She was having ‘too much fun’... I started to imagine what it would have been like if I had been a girl all my life, and then got to put on a cock and fuck
guys, and play with it, and act like guys do. Suddenly it dawned on me – she had been very serious about dressing me up. In a way, she wanted me to reverse-role play with her – yet even with a strapon she was all woman. I smiled at that thought and realized she didn’t want me as an
object of fun -she wanted me as a willing participant & partner – one that could go as far with her as she wanted, and neither be intimidated nor feel threatened. I was feeling touched at being chosen because I was
starting to understand that while it was fun, it also went deeper than just being fun. There was a very real, very intimate, very loving exchange going on. Having all my life been on the outside, occasionally looking in at
this kind of thing, I had never understood that. And I don’t think I could have until it happened to me.

“What’s my bitch thinking about that gives her such a far away look?” she inquired. The question brought me back to the shower… with the water falling all over me as I knelt in front of her… about to wash her strapon. I softly smiled and answered, “nothing, mistress”. She knelt down almost instantly and looked at my face with concern. “You were frozen still for a few seconds” and she tenderly touched my cheek. “Where did you go?”
As I felt her eyes looking into mine, they weren’t the eyes of a ‘dominant’ – they were the eyes of a very close and concerned friend. I had scared her. When I didn’t answer, she turned off the water, sat down in the wet
tub in front of me, and took my hands. Without a word, her eyes said, “talk to me”…
“I guess… suddenly… I was a bit overwhelmed by everything that’s happened.”

She looked down and there was a long pause. “Second thoughts?” she asked in almost a trembling, fearful voice as she looked back up at me.
From that question, the shock and instant empathy that then went through me, was as if a loved one – like a family member – told me they thought I didn’t love them. “Noooooooooooo baby” I responded while reaching forward and taking her into my arms. “Not at all It’s just sometimes - you know how something good can overwhelm you for a
moment? Like you almost can’t believe it’s happening to you? That’s all that happened, baby… you know how deeply I feel things”. She was sniffling and drew back asking, “Yes, I see that… are you sure?”

“Absolutely” I said while looking her straight in the eyes. “Ok… good” she said with a soft smile – which turned into a huge grin – followed by, “Cuz I’ve only STARTED fucking your ass ”
She stood up, turned the shower back on, and said, “now finish up ” So I quickly finished washing and rinsing her cock while she stood over me smiling. We went back to the bedroom to get dressed – I thought. Instead, she pushed me down on the bed and crawled over me. Looking under herself she grabbed my cock and stroked it with her hand while looking back up at my face. When I was completely hard, she raised
herself up… and guided it into her pussy - slowly wiggling down on it. Once it disappeared inside her, she moved up and down slowly on it while
looking right at me. It was a strange sight to see her strapon bouncing up and down as she moved. I moaned in delight as she grinned and moaned. Her eyes got bigger as she saw me getting closer to orgasm. “Uh huhhh… uh huhhhhhhhh Shoot it baby… shoot that hot, sticky cum up my pussy C’mon ALL of it Gimme a big load ”
I cried out and felt my cum working its way into my cock. “DO IT she yelled – and as if on command I shot my cum hard into her pussy I moaned out with every squirt and it seemed to go on forever. She moaned and mumbled “Oh that feels so GOOD lover Oh yeah Un huh That’s it OH, fill me up with your cum baby ” Her eyes closed and I could see her savoring the feeling, as I kept panting for breath after finally being empty. She squirmed around on my cock going, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ” I felt it starting to drip out of her on to me.
She threw her head back and took a deep breath before opening her eyes to look at me. There was that huge grin again I figured out by then that it meant she was up to something. Slowly, she lifted herself off my cock and sat down up on my chest with her cock almost in my mouth. Lust was taking over her as she was breathing slow and heavy looking at me. “I need… one… more” she said while raising herself off my chest, and moving up so she was positioned over my mouth and looking down into my eyes. “I need you to eat me” she said over her cock – almost as a
plead – and then dropped her pussy down onto my mouth My tongue darted into her cum-filled pussy and she cried out, “Oh God Huhhhhhhhhhhh ” and ground herself against my face while shuddering and mumbling, “eat it eat it eat it Oooooooooo I’m gonna gush your cum back into your mouth and you’re gonna swallow it all for me, bitch Take it ” And she did just that – her orgasm was flushing my cum from her pussy right into my mouth as she pressed herself down hard on my
face. It was almost like a male orgasm the way she was squirting and squirting it and screaming out loudly
Finally she fell forward on her hands – quivering still from her massive orgasm and still dripping into my mouth. “Baaaaaaaby ” she breathed out. “Ohhhhhhh my godddddddddd ” she moaned out. Pushing herself with her hands until she hovered over my face again, she looked down at me and smiled. Then she reached over to the night stand and lit a
cigarette. She took a drag and said “Damn you’re gonna make a good bitch I’ve got plans for you, my pet”… Then she crouched down over me – like a tiger – with her face inches away and finished with, “Besides – I wouldn’t care if you did have second thoughts – because your tight-little-bitch-ass is MINE now, and I’m not letting it go ” and kissed me deeply and passionately before snuggling down on top of me and drifting off in contented sleep…