Don't Wory Ma'am

Don't Wory Ma'am


Sep 27, 07 at 07:49am
A woman was waiting in the check-out line at a shopping
center. Her arms were laden with a mop and broom and
other cleaning supplies.
By her actions and deep sighs, it was obvious
she was in an extreme
hurry, and was not happy about the slowness of the line.
When the cashier called for a price check on a
box of soap, the woman remarked indignantly, "Well, I'll be lucky to get
out of here and home before Easter!"
"Don't worry, ma'am," replied the clerk.
"With that wind kicking up out there and that
brand new broom you have there, you'll be home in no time."

Deleted Member

Sep 27, 07 at 08:33am
Arthur Goffrey once was in a bad mood one moring and he took a phone call on the air and the lady was gushing about how much she loved the products Glasswax and a Hoover Vaccum cleaner that Arthur plugged on the air. She said she had one problem, she lived on the fifth floor and she could get to the outside of her windows to clean them. Arthur was wanting to get off the phone with her and he told her, LAdy, put the Hoover on exhaust, stick it up your butt and then fly around the building to clean the damned windows!

This can be heard on one of Kermit Schaffers Bloopers and Blunders tapes if you can still find them