Stress Reliever?

Stress Reliever?

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Sep 27, 07 at 03:35am

I got something like 37 yards and that is NOT a boast!


Sep 27, 07 at 04:42am
lol sorry to tell you this, but i got 50.07 If you get to that distance , it is just beyond the child playground equipment

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Sep 28, 07 at 02:36am
oh, ok. However, I think I beat my stress with it, it took me about 50 tries to get that far! lol

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Sep 28, 07 at 03:38am
I can't get out the window. :x My daughter got 60+ on her third try while eating lunch at work.8O


Sep 28, 07 at 10:46am
I got 66m at the 4th attempt.

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Sep 28, 07 at 11:50am
37.9 m (41.4 yd) after about 20 attempts.

D2, damn you're good.

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Sep 28, 07 at 01:59pm
Don´t want to upset you guys but..........retro started this one on the old site and myself and a few people I know got roughly (can´t remember exactly - was a while back) up to about 115 meters because there´s a bug in it - you click and hold on the plane and pull it over to the left and then then keep the cursor pressed and move the cursor outside the screen and over to the right on the edge of the screen where you want the plane to go to and just let go. Get the height right and it shoots off every time (same as me haha).

Anyway - went to a forum and saw there were people doing something like 160 yards and not saying how :evil:
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Sep 29, 07 at 10:11pm
Tried that, probably, but something lost in instruction. np thoubh, i improved. (got the bonus through the small window.)

79.8 m (87.3 yd)


Sep 29, 07 at 10:41pm
STRESS RELIEVER MY ASS..Ok I feel better now. Finally got out the window, Finally got past the chimney made it to 74.314m. Now I need to find a stress reliever to relieve the stress caused by this game.

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Oct 1, 07 at 10:21am
Mandrill - I'll try and explain it again - it's a cheat but you get out of the window nearly all the time which stops you from throwing your keyboard out of the window:

Drag plane to near the top left of screen as far as it will go. Now move the cursor left, outside of the picture and click and hold mouse button.
The plane should stay where it is.
Keep the mouse button pressed and move cursor OUTSIDE of the picture, down and around to the right of the picture.
Click on the right side of the picture (right on the edge) and move about a zillimeter into the picture and release the mouse button.

A good rule is to start the plane roughly where the wall meets the ceiling and release it (i.e. release mouse button) approximately where the wall meets the floor.

Hope you got it now!!!!!

Around 115 meters seems to be the max using this cheat.