Chapter 6 – She Makes Him- HERS

Chapter 6 – She Makes Him- HERS

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Sep 4, 07 at 06:34am
Feeling wonderfully relaxed, I did just as she said – letting thoughts of her in that sexy bustier, collar, thigh highs and heels fill my mind. She put on some music – very sexy music and turned up the volume a bit. I heard her take the pillows from the bed, and then she got back on the bed next to me opposite from the direction my head was turned. “I need a better angle – raise that sexy azz up a little so I can put these pillows underneath you” she said. I thought it was a bit strange, but I had absolutely nothing to complain about how she was treating me, so I raised up and let her put them under me. She got down from the bed, and then I felt her hand on my ankles as she gently parted my legs a little. Warm oil and tender hands then began massaging my calves.
I breathed deeply and continued to enjoy this sexy woman’s touch. She slowly worked her way up my thighs, and then was massaging my ass. I’d never had an ass massage before. It felt wonderful – and very erotic – especially as she slid her fingers up and down between my cheeks. They traveled from the small of my back, all the way down to my balls, and back again… and again… and again. Then her fingers began circling my hole… I felt warm oil poured there, and her finger started probing my ass a little. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” slipped through my lips as I squirmed in further delight – I’d never really cared for that before, but the way she did it… and the music… and the scent of her perfume somehow seemed stronger – maybe she had put more on… it was all turning me on, and my cock was getting really hard. Her other hand rubbed my lower back as her fingers continued teasing my hole…
“Like that?” she softly asked and kept probing my ass a little deeper and with two fingers now. I was getting so caught up in it that I couldn’t speak for some reason. Quickly she pushed her fingers deeper and still all I could manage was to gasp softly. “I knew you would, darlin” she said and then slipped a third finger in my ass. “Just relax, baby” her soft voice cooed and her hand kept rubbing my back. I felt her hair on my back and smelled her perfume closer to me now. “Ever taken one in the ass, my pet?” she said softly in my ear. My whole body tingled when she said that. “Nooooooooooooo…” I softly breathed and was now pushing my ass back to her fingers. “Rrrrrrrrrrreally ” she gasped. “Mistress just gushed for you darling ” she told me in a loud whisper. It sounded like she was catching her breath and then she pushed her fingers harder into me before leaning forward again and whispering, “Not only am I going to make you my BITCH… but Mistress gets the honor of your cherry… Ohhhhhhhhhhh my pet I couldn’t be happier This will be a day of double celebration – your cherry… my bitch…”
Then I felt her lean backwards and gasp, “ Ohhhhhhhhh fuck I gushed again just saying that Damn baby nobody has ever done this to me ” Her fingers still worked me slowly, and I felt something else there – it was relatively cold and probably a small vibrator. She slipped her fingers in and out of me a few times – and then replaced them with the vibrator. I inhaled sharply. “Easy… easy… let yourself adjust to it… that’s it… yeah… Now, don’t let it slip out, and don’t open your eyes, yet. I’ll be right back – I’m not going far” and she let her fingers lightly glide down my legs...
She got down off the bed and I heard her fiddling with something in the direction I was facing. After a moment she said, “I want you to see your mistress ready to make you hers – open your eyes now, my pet”… slowly I opened my eyes and raised my head up, and there in front of me was this goddess-like creature – stroking a cock she had strapped on herself. I never before thought that such a sight would turn me on so much – never. But there she was – proudly smiling – and standing next to a video camera on a tripod. “Well… this is the goddess that is about to fuck your ass… for the very… first… time. But, before I do… there’s something else I want you to do for me”… Then she turned on the camera and walked on her knees on the bed up to me.
She ran her fingers through my hair - the way I knew she loved to do. “Suck my cock, pet… this will be your first act in becoming my bitch” she said in a sweet tone and pushed it down to my mouth. I wet my lips… grabbed hold of it… and started to lick it. Then she grabbed my head and pushed her hard cock through my lips. “Ut uh… I said suck it ” she commanded, and I sucked it for her. “Look at me… LOOK at me, my pet” and I looked up at her with that hard cock in my mouth. “That’s better… yeah, you’re going to make a GOOD little bitch, aren’t you?”
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was with her strap on in my mouth. “By the way, pet – what did Sundancer say to you before leaving?” I took her cock out of my mouth and answered, “she told me to be a good little bitch for my mistress tonight”. Vixen giggled a bit and grinned real big, saying “She wanted a piece of your ass tonight too. Greeting her with your cock sticking out like that You made her wet her g-string, you know Tsk-tsk… you were already starting to act like a slut But, I told her that you and I needed to spend some quality – and quantity – time by ourselves tonight. And I’m really glad I did now that I found out you’re a virgin. Your ‘cherry night’ is not something I want to share. I want there to be no doubt whatsoever in your mind that you will be MY bitch. And since this event can never be repeated, we need to have it on tape. Not only will I love watching it over and over – it will also serve as reminder to you of WHO’s bitch you are, my pet Not that you will ever doubt it” she added with a wink.
“Now.. Back to our ceremony… take it back in your mouth for mistress” and she moved her cock toward me and pulled my head to it. “SSSSSssssssssuck it, my pet…” and as she pulled my head down on it, she moaned as if she could feel me sucking her. Then she made little thrusts and mumbled, “fuck that is hot baby ... that’s it… suck it for me my pet… mistress is going to unleash your inner bitch for you”. And with that, she yanked her cock from my mouth and got in position behind my ass which was holding the dildo. I felt her touch it, and very slowly start moving it again. Just a little in… then back… in a little more… then back. She started letting it slip out and then quickly pushing back in. I could feel my ass grip easing up some.
She did that while rubbing my back and talking softly to me, “Easy baby… breathe deeply and try to relax”. I was getting used to her rhythm of the dildo pulling out and slipping back in, when suddenly something bigger replaced it. I gasped and tightened up and she held it still there. Recalling what her strap on looked like, it felt like she had slipped the head into me. She pushed a little more – making me grunt – and held it there for a little bit. I could hear her breathing as heavily and deeply as I was. On my hips I could feel her hands gripping me – and trembling slightly. The next push she moaned through, and her fingers clamped down on me tighter. All I could do was moan… and gasp… and marvel at these new sensations.
She had now penetrated me - physically and emotionally, and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. There were many different feelings racing back and forth through my mind, and I was beginning to understand, not only how I was giving myself to her, but how she was taking me – and making me – hers… I’m not sure there are words for it, but even as aggressively as I know she would get shortly, it is the most intimate act I have ever experienced... and as strange as it sounded at the time, I felt it was also quite an intimate and shared experience filled with love...

We were both breathing faster now, and I heard her start moaning, and felt her pushing again. I moaned out with her as she didn’t stop this time – she kept pushing that cock deeper with a long moan until it felt like she
was in as far as she could get, and she stopped there. I think she was trembling through an orgasm when she suddenly pushed HARD and cried
out, and shook some more for a while. I screamed – yet now pushed back and felt her cock hit deep inside me as she shuddered in orgasms…

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ” she said loudly and held there while my ass adjusted to her. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm – you got a pussy now, my pet And mistress is going to use it ” She began long, slow
strokes into my new pussy, and the sensations were running throughout my whole body. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh baby ” she
moaned. “you are MY bitch now ” and she picked up the pace of fucking my ass. “Your man-pussy belongs to me now… and I’m gonna fuck it whenever I want, baby Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkck I can’t believe how
good this feels ” And she rammed me harder making me grunt and moan.

Everywhere my body felt overloaded in physical sensation. My mind was dizzy – in passion – in lust – developing into need… the way she was making me her pet – her bitch – her slut – she was entering me through
her cock – and becoming a part of me – a part that even then I knew, would be there forever…

“Does my bitch like mistress fucking her?” “Uh huh ” was all I could mumble between moans. “Good -because mistress wants her bitch to like getting fucked.” Her thrusts got shorter and faster, and I could hear the sounds coming out of her mouth that told me she was about to cum again. ‘BABY .... BABY ” she screamed with her last hard thrust, and just kept pushing hard up against my ass as my own cum started shooting out underneath me. She shook and trembled up against me as
her orgasms shot through her like the waves of the ocean. Then she collapsed on top of me.

My whole body was trembling, too. We both gasped for breath for a while before she said, “OH……… my………. gawwwwwwwwwwwwd You are soooooooooooo MINE now, honey ” and she squirmed a bit saying that,
which sent shock waves into my still cock-filled ass. After squirming around in my ass like that for a while, she said, “OK… we need a
cigarette after THAT ” and raised her body up off my back. Then she very slowly started pulling her cock… until it slipped out – to my gasp.

We grabbed the pillows and placed them against the headboard, and then leaned back smoking our cigarettes. “Wow” was all I could say. “Uh- huhhhhhhhhhh ” she agreed with the biggest grin on her face I ever saw.
Then she turned to me and snuggled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and gently ran my fingers through her hair. “this is unbelievable” she said. “I can fuck your ass like a BITCH – and then turn
around and snuggle into your arms – which is still as masculine a place as any woman could want to be in”

“Thank you, baby” I whispered… and we fell asleep in each other’s arms….