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New WatchersWeb


Sep 26, 07 at 01:57am
First of all i think this is an awesome site and i know that word gets used around here alot but i think it really is. I mean where else can you go ONLINE meet people, talk to them,get to know them, meet some of them and have some genuinely good times with. I've come on this site many times and listened to people talk about how the've met this on or that one and made some really good friends. I guess what I'm really trying to say here people is.... come on here to have a good time, look at some people,,hell have some fun your ownself if you want to, talk dirty but can't we all be respectful of each other? Just because some people like to come on here and show doesn't give you the right to be aggravating does it? Watch what you can and have fun. One other thing before i close here.... I would like to thank all the people I've talked to on here and have gotten to know over the past couple of months anytime any of my FRIENDS need anything all you have to do is call. Thanks8)


Sep 26, 07 at 04:10am
yay!!!! welcome rick

I totally agree with you!


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Sep 26, 07 at 06:46am
Finally some positive feedback!!! Way to go rick!

xoxo Mz V:wink:

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Sep 26, 07 at 08:04am
My thoughts exactly .. well put, Rick. :-)

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Sep 26, 07 at 08:20am
Where else can you get flashed by Mz V.

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Sep 26, 07 at 10:46am
i only arrived in the dying days of the old site i think its great ive met really intresting people had some new insights its all about traeting people how youd want to be treated yourself ive had kind replies from people who have nothing in common with me and ive made probably my closest friend, all in a couple of weeks, and you can look at naked people .thats having your cake and eating it.theres so many realy intresting people on this site its worth just browsing reading their profiles, and thats given nme a defence to perving no loose situation hehe
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Sep 26, 07 at 10:53am
Other than a couple things the new clubhouse is great!! We need the posting of outside smileys, the ability to import images, and the other things that were available with the posting in the old clubhouse. Add those to what is already available here and it would be excellent - - and just maybe the bitching would stop. Boy am I dreaming or what. :roll:


Sep 26, 07 at 11:12am
the bitching would stop. Boy am I dreaming or what.

I dont think the bitching will ever stop.This is onehellofabigfamily.


Sep 26, 07 at 09:53pm
What would we have to complain about if everyone quit complaining...Well I guess it is election season