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Sep 25, 07 at 10:39am
A young man starts work in a retirment home. On his first day the boss pulls him to one side and tells him about Mary.

'She is totally alone here. All her family have moved to Australia and we're lucky if they even phone her on her birthday. She's a lovely old lady but ever so sad. Why not spend some time with her and see if you can cheer her up'

So the guy walks over to Mary and says 'How would you like to talk to your family, maybe even your grandchildren. We could phone them if you like'

Mary's face lit up. The guy, checking nobody was around, unzipped his pants and flopped his cock out in front of her face.

'First things first' he said, 'get your mouth around that'

Mary grasped his cock, brought it to her lips, then said 'Hello?'