Why insult the President of Iran

Why insult the President of Iran


Sep 25, 07 at 05:18am
In Australia we are just as "democratic" as Americans are....if not more so in a cultured way. What posessed the Dean of Columbia University to say what he said.

It was crass, un-educated and downright insulting to the Arabic culture.

I would be interested in what the grass roots have to say.
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Sep 25, 07 at 05:24am
My opinion is that , I do not have a problem the President of Iran visiting the World Trade Center.

Just as long as he visits it the same way Jimmy Hoffa visits Giant Stadium.

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Sep 25, 07 at 05:36am
Since opinions are counted I say clap him in irons before he gets away & we have to put a reward out on him or a hit, Preferable the latter.

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Sep 25, 07 at 06:48am
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Sep 25, 07 at 06:51am
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Sep 25, 07 at 07:12am
Specially from the Dean it tells quite much of the culture.

But in name of just there are not many places where Bush would be taken warm heartedly.Even in US allied countries there would be thousands of protestors.

I think precident of Iran was smiling insidely when man in that possession showed his stupidity for whole world.8O

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Sep 25, 07 at 07:20am
I think both bears are correct.

But I don't understand people like imovieman ??
Maybe he likes Barbara Streisand's politics ?
Maybe Nancy Pelosi's ?


Sep 25, 07 at 07:46am
Well, one person's stupidity is another person's wisdom. Our leaders are ridiculed all the time when they go somewhere, and it's usually with the full authorization of the host govt. so what's wrong with Americans exercising some of that 'free speach' you all harp about all the time???


Sep 25, 07 at 08:13am
Interesting profile pix, imovieman. Now, a
thing or two about the people of the U.S. in

One, we don't like bullies, not even wizened
little bullies like this guy. Two, we are against people saying the holocaust didn't
exist when we know it did, and that Al Qaida
didn't attack the World Trade center when we
know it did.

To state such is an insult to our own intelligence. Finally, we do not suffer
petty dictators well, nor do we care much for
people who withhold freedom in the name of

Make no mistake about it. Given the opportunity, Iran will attack Israel, they
will attack the U.S., they will attack
Great Britain and Australia if they thought
they could get away with it.

If a man were to come to my house after telling
me that he denies history and that he wants
me dead, I'd pretty much be just a tad more
insulting that using impolite words.

You can't hug the hate out of these people.
Hate must be met with hate, anger with anger.
If they didn't have the U.S. at which to
direct their hatred, they would be directing
it toward you and the other free world countries. We can handle it, we can give it
back. We can't ignore it.

Australia is one of the most civilized of
countries, and the people I know from your
world are noble, courageous and dignified.

I respect that.

Here in the U.S.; however we're not all so
noble and dignified. We like to kick ass
and take names later. In the case of Iranians,
we'd like to kick lots of asses. And we want
them to know that.

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Sep 25, 07 at 08:16am
well said soba