Unwanted photo in desk top

Unwanted photo in desk top


Sep 24, 07 at 08:48pm
I've got my fingers crossed I'll find some one on here that can help me with a problem.
I have windows XP, some how I have a photo that I don't want sitting in the list of photos to chose from for my desk top. I cant seem to remove it.
Id appreciate any help I can get on this. Thanks, Ray

PS. If some one knows how or what I did to get it there would also be a big help.


Sep 24, 07 at 09:00pm
can you create a new folder and put it in there ? Or just right click it and see if you can hide it.

Deleted Member

Sep 24, 07 at 09:08pm
You may have clicked on it somewhere on the internet, or saved it as desktop.

Pictures list - Display Properties Background tab

For the Display Properties Background tab, Windows XP fetches the image files from the following locations:

BMP Files from %Systemroot% folder.

BMP, JPG, GIF, JPE, DIB, PNG, HTM files from the following locations:

%USERPROFILE%My DocumentsMy Pictures (& sub-folders)
%AppData%MicrosoftInternet Explorer
%ProgramFiles%Plus!Themes (& sub-folders)

If you want to clear a file from the background tab listing, move the file away from the above mentioned locations. To access each of the folders above, type the Path in Start-Run dialog.


%Systemroot% represents the folder where Windows is installed.
%USERPROFILE% represents the user profile home path
%AppData% represents the Application Data folder path
%ProgramFiles% represents the Program Files folder
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Sep 24, 07 at 09:41pm
Wow you guys don't muck around, thank you. I'm a dope when it comes to computers. When my desk top is on my screen I right click and a box's come up with properties in it. I left click properties and a new small box pops up that has desktop in it. I left click on that and in the next box that comes is a scroll through line of photos that I can chose fore a desk top image. Its in this list that I cant seem to delete the image. I have right clicked it looking for the delete but it doest seem to work that way? Thanks again and I'm sorry to be so stupid with this. Thanks Ray.

Watcherduck, thanks for all your trouble. I'll try and work my way through it. My fear is I'll do more harm and stuff this thing up completely. Thanks again.

Deleted Member

Sep 24, 07 at 09:48pm
It's not all that difficult. Just click start, then the 'Run' box thingy, type in the first path, you will come to a folder. Look for the pic in the folder. If it isn't there, put the second path in the run box, and so on. As soon as you find the pic or the HTML symbol with the same name on it, just right click on it and select delete.


Sep 24, 07 at 10:19pm
Waterduck I owe you a beer for your trouble. Its nice to find guys like yourself ready to help an old fool like myself.

Kindest,kindest Regards, Ray.

PS. Ive got to head out for a while but as soon as I get back in I'll give it a go and tell you how I went.