A Liittle Disapointing

A Liittle Disapointing


Sep 24, 07 at 07:53pm
I am a little disapointed in the new website. I can understand the pricing, but, the new features that are related to your profile like sending messages and password protecting pics should not be charged for.

In my case I am unable to view cams most of the time (90%). Yet others have no trouble seeing my cam. I am running win2k O/S. If I remember correctly, this site uses'CamFrog' technology. I also use that software and have no problems viewing cams on other sites. I have spoken to Modobt several times about this problem. It appears to be one of those troublesome problems that can not be resolved.

So since I can not view cams, there is no reason for me to spend the money on upgrading. Which means that my profile is limited to the few free options that my profile has. :-(

Mr Eros


Sep 24, 07 at 08:03pm
All I can think of is that win2k may be getting a bit old to keep up with things.
I got XP and it's not doing much better.
It wouldn't surprise me if only Vista and newer stuff will be the only compatable systems.

The old folks will tell you "It's no longer a question of quality. it's a question of repeat business".

Deleted Member

Sep 24, 07 at 09:05pm
Vista is compatible with Nothing!!!! Great security though, so good I can't get in half the t ime:evil:. Haven't had a prob with WW sites though,

Deleted Member

Sep 25, 07 at 06:35pm
Vista is a joke and I wouldnt recommend it for a while still. Way to many issues with all sorts of things.

If you have win2k you are beyond outdated. Decent machines only cost $400-$500 now a days. Worth the investment.


Sep 28, 07 at 06:14pm
I'm running 64bit XP on a dual core processor and can bring up as many cams as I can fit on the screen. 2000pro did not work nearly as well and would kick me off cam every chance it got, that's why I upgraded. Didn't need a new computer, just a new motherboard and processor, less than $200.00 and a little elbow grease from the wife. Evertbody I know with vista hates it, nothing they already had wants to run on it.
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Sep 28, 07 at 07:06pm
I've got pro and haven't had any trouble with mine, but also haven't gone in chat much but when I have worked fine. now if I can keep my cat off the keyboard and leave my mouse alone I'll be ok.

Deleted Member

Oct 12, 07 at 08:39pm
Vista,is for the birds, half the time I must do a restart to get it to work. Email and mail screen sometimes blank out and either are black or you can see right thru them as if the screen wasn't there.:cry:
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Oct 13, 07 at 08:26pm
same here yogi, no probs here at all..

i can view everything here at ww and use all the functions!! hehehe lucky ole jojo! :lol:

Deleted Member

Oct 13, 07 at 09:29pm
It is working great for me,

My settings keep me from viewing mullets.:x

Deleted Member

Oct 14, 07 at 02:18am
The site itself isn't as disappointing as the fact that so many of my friends left and it's just not as much fun as it used to be. :-(

It has become more of a 'visual' site with the members preferring to go to camchat- whereas they used to be on the forums more. It is my choice not to go to camchat so guess I'll just have to do one of three things: accept it, learn to talk to myself, or leave. :roll:

And speaking of 'visual' - I find it distracting (and not in a good way) to have the pics to the left of the comments. As far as I'm concerned the pics should be IN the profile and can be viewed on a 'desire to see' basis. I am not a pic/profile viewer - since the new clubhouse opened I've probably viewed approximately 20 - 11 of those I put on my friends list - the other 9 have been a repeat visit to one of my friends profiles. As for the ones viewing MY profile - I would rather NOT have the pics along with the name. However - like I said about the Forums I have a couple choices - take it or leave it. I'm still undecided on that and will make my decision on whether to stay or go the first of the year.
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