Sep 24, 07 at 08:45am
Murray was sitting in a pub in Ireland one afternoon ... ... sharing his thoughts with a stranger sitting by his side.

"Ay," said Murray, after sipping his drink, "Ya see that fence down thar' by the roooad. Ay, I built that fence, I did, every slat and every poost, I built."

He took another drink and continued, "Boot 'ya doon't hear 'em callin' me 'Murray the fence builder' now, do 'ya." He shook his head and paused for a moment, then pointed out the window.

"Ay, and 'ya see that there lighthouse down by the beach. Ay, I built that lighthouse, laid every brick woon by woon, ay, I did."

He took a drink. "But 'ya doon't hear anywoon callin' me 'Murray the lighthouse builder,' do 'ya, now."

The man rolled his eyes, but Murray continued after another drink. "Ay, and that dock down thar, that dock I built by myself, I did, woon booard at a time, ay, I built it. But 'ya don't every hear anyboody callin' me 'Murray the dock builder,' do 'ya."

He stared into his drink before taking another long swallow.

Ay, but 'ya fall asleap naykid just once in a gooat pen..."