Troll Jokes

Troll Jokes

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Sep 23, 07 at 11:08am
A Yooper is one that lives above the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan - the Trolls are the ones that live below the bridge. I'm a Yooper living as a Troll so I have the best of both worlds. :roll:


Troll School Teacher: Okay Drog, use Norway, Sweden and Denmark in a

Drog: Okay, dar is Nor-vay yew can Sveden da coffee wit sugar and Denmark it
as sour.


Troll School Teacher: How does a Scottish Troll express gratitude fer da
sheep he is ‘bout ta eat?

Jarg: Dat’s easy. He says ‘taks fer mutton’


Troll School Teacher: Why should Trolls never us drugs?

Angh: Because Trolls don’t want to be stoned


Troll Father: Vat is yer favorite type of music son?

Troll Son: Hard rock music of course.


Troll Mother: I thought I told yew not ta listen ta dat religious music.

Troll Daughter: I know but vhen I heardit I fell in love wit it.

Troll Mother: And vat is da name of dis song?

Troll Daughter: Rock of Ages! It says ‘Rock of Ages Cliff fer me, let me
hide myself in-dee’