Seen a Good One Lately ?

Seen a Good One Lately ?


Sep 22, 07 at 05:38pm
One Movie i watched recently was Called " The Contract" Stars Morgan freeman and John Cusack ....Morgan freeman plays a really Nice Bad guy!!

I give it 8 out of ten


Sep 22, 07 at 08:17pm
Don't go to the movies much, I usually wait for them to hit dvd and buy it but we did go see the latest Harry Potter film, it was one of the best yet I think

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Sep 23, 07 at 04:28pm
Agreed yogi! Although if you've read the books it was disappointing on how much they cut from the movie. Course to make a film that included all 7oo pgs would make it close to 5 hrs long 8O I love the Harry Potter series and can't wait to see books 6 and 7 on the big screen :mrgreen:

Wolf and I went to Rush Hour 3 oh I so love watching the bloopers during the credits HAHAHA Jackie Chann and Chris Rock are way too hilarious!!


Sep 24, 07 at 01:31pm
I saw Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson on DVD recently it was a brilliant move. He made it look so natural and believable. The fact that it was subtitled with actors that looked like Central American jungle natives added to the atmosphere.

I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen

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Sep 25, 07 at 07:47am
Bought the DVD "Wild Hogs" and you'll laugh your asses off!!!

xoxo Mz V:mrgreen:


Sep 27, 07 at 04:07pm
I just watch 2 good movies on DVD:

23 with Jim Carrey; tough watch but worth waiting till the end.

A Scottish movie: Red Road; brilliant

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Sep 28, 07 at 01:08pm
I saw 2 good ones lately......dsq and purpleheart - 4 really :D

Gonna try and get a copy of Red Road dsq - bit difficult over here but someone else said it was good. In fact most Scottish films are brill


Sep 30, 07 at 05:37am

Another brilliant Sottish movie, Ae Fond Kiss.

About a relationship between a white Glaswegian teacher and a betrothed asian man. It is so well made so funny sad, and provocative.

I am sure they had that in

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Oct 1, 07 at 02:12pm
Will look out for it dsq - thanks.
One of my favourite Scottish films of all time was "Gregory's girl" - just innocent and funny.

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Oct 2, 07 at 08:41am
Ghosts of Mississippi 1996

I know this is not a new movie but I watched it last Saturday

Alec Baldwin ... Bobby DeLaughter
James Woods ... Byron De La Beckwith
Virginia Madsen ... Dixie DeLaughter
Whoopi Goldberg ... Myrlie Evers

Medgar Evers is a black civil rights activist in Mississipi, who was killed by a gunman. It is later suspected that Byron De La Beckwith, a racist is the killer and he would be tried a couple of times and both trials ended in hung juries. For more than 20 years, Evers widow Myrlie has been trying to bring De La Beckwith to justice and she believes that she has what it takes to bring him to trial again. However, most of the evidence in the old trial have disappeared but Bobby De Laughter an assistant D.A. decides to do what he can to help her despite being warned that it might hurt his political aspirations and the strain it's causing on his marriage