Kids and experments

Kids and experments


Sep 22, 07 at 04:14pm
Couple of us old guys were talking the other day and some wise cracks were made about Bisexual women. Guy wanted a bi girl for 3 ways.
I told him I dated a bi but she would have nothing to do with 3 ways. She was a one at time person.
Other guy chimed in that his High School Teacher brother had told him a lot of the girl students had talked about expermenting with both sexes and group sex.
Not being close to any teenagers I have no idea who to ask.
Do you know or think that kids today are more willing to experiment in such a way? Same sex and group?

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Sep 22, 07 at 05:59pm
I think that kind of thing is timeless. I remember the burning of the Bra, women's lib, the sexual revolution. Group sex was pretty popular then.

It was probably much the same as it always has been, and always will be.

Did you ever read Canterbury Tales? That was the 14th century.

I swore off teenagers about the time I was 22, so I am not an authority, but all the other attitudes seem to be timeless.
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