Our first foray

Our first foray

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Sep 21, 07 at 04:29pm
My fiance and I have been together for nearly ten years now and we've played around with a couple of guys, girls and a few couples, but I'll never forget the first time we added a person to our exploits.

Crystal and I met ten years ago on the internet (not here though sorry folks) and after a couple months started dating. She moved in with me while I was still attending college and things were great. Let me describe her first. She's 5' tall and at the time was about 100 lbs. Absolutely gorgoues and still is. She's about 130 or so now but that come from good home cookin. Dark hair and green eyes. nice shapely legs, firm butt and small but nice breasts with eraser type nipples. She likes to dress goth when she can, so in that small town, she got a lot of attention.

So, we had this apartment for a couple months when my hometown buddy Matt decided he wanted to live off campus and we had a spare room so, hey new roommate. I knew him well, growing up together and everything and she was cool with him. Everything was set to go.

One night, I was off from classes and from work at the local pub, we decided to rent some movies, one of which was a porno (of course.)
Matt and I had instituted what we called "nekkid hour". During one of our favorite shows, everyone that was over had to be naked to watch it. So that night we reissued it in the apartment.

After watching one of the movies, we decided to put in the porno and it was the most god aweful thing we'd ever seen. Crystal and I sat on the sofa while Matt was in the easy chair. After about 30 minutes, Crystal declared she could do a better job than the girls in the video, so I said "OK, Prove it, Gimme a blowjob."
"What about Matt?" she asked. I said he could watch and I got a thumbs up from him.

Matt got up from the chair and Crystal sat down in it while I went upstairs and retrieved one of the flavored lotions, cinnimon. She took some out and rubbed it all over my now very hard dick and then proceeded to start giving me a blowjob. Matt sat behind her on the stairs watching. i could see he was nervous and really wanted to touch her. I looked at him and said it was ok.
Matt started rubbing her shoulders and slowly worked his hands around to her breasts. When he finally cupped them Crystal moaned first softly then harder as he started to carress her in ernest.
Seeing my cock slide in and out of her mouth as Matt rubbed her tits was such a turn on. The more he rubbed, the harder she sucked, the harder I got. Watching her made Matt hard as hell as well, and after a while i said that Matts cock was getting a bit lonely and told her to suck him too. She looked up at me, then at his cock and said OK.
At that, she stood up to stretch out a little and I sat down. She sat down on my lap and within a minute I was inside her sweet little pussy. She keeps it nicely shaved with a small patch above her clit.
Crystal started to ride me slowly as she lotioned Matts cock. At first she teased him by blowing on it with her hot breath then by slowly licking it from bottom to tip and all around. Finally she took him into her wanton mouth and he let out a loud groan. Encouraged by that, she started to suck his cock harder and ride me at the same time. She was beautiful. Rocking hard on my cock and sucking off Matt was just wonderful to watch. Her moans of pleasure as her clit rubbed against me tingle through Matts cock and had him gasping for air.After about 20 minutes or so, we decided to refresh our drinks and have a smoke, all the while playing and teasing each other. She blew us both in the kitchen while we made the drinks, then played with her pussy lying on the floor. Matt asked if he could feel inside her and I said ok, but it's up to her. Of couse being as horny as we were she said yes.
So Crystal lay on the floor again and spread her legs while Matt joined her and aimed his cock at her willing wet pussy. I sat in the chair, watching my girl take a cock for the first time and it was mind blowing. I watched as Matt teased her with the head of his cock rubbing it against her clit, then down to her very wet and open slit. He slowly entered her pushing little by little until his 8" long 5" thick cock was fully inside her. Mine being 7" and maybe about 4" around, it was a different experience for her. And by the way she was moaning, she was liking it.
Matt started to fuck her like we hometown country boys do and it wasn't long before Crystal was having her first, second and third orgasm. He pumped into her like a piston in an engine. Finally, Matt said he was going to cum and asked where she wanted it. She said, "On my tits!!! I wanna see you come."
Matt pump hard a couple more times and pulled out fisting his cock as he started to shoot load oafter load on her tits and stomach. This caused her to come again as she rubbed his spunk in like lotion. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen.
Crystal looked up at me and said in a hoarse voice,"Your turn."
I didn't hesitate and got right between her legs. I pushed my cock in and she was so wet and hot I nearly came right then. I fucked her for all I was worth as she came again and again. She had reached up and started to jack Matt back to life as I drilled into her. She pulled him over and sucked his cock until it was fully hard again all the while yelling "FUCK ME BABY, FUCK MY PUSSY"
This made it almost unbearable for me and just as I was about to let go she stopped and said that she wanted to suck me again. So Matt and I traded places and she started to suck me again as I watched his cock disappear inside her.
The harder he fucked her, the harder she sucked me. Her moans vibrated throuogh my cock and soon I was ready to let loose. I told her I was ready and she kept me in her mouth as I released a flood of come down her throat. She'd never swallowed anyone before and this was absolute pleasure to both watch and feel as Crystals throat and mouth muscles milked every single drop for me.
Matt watched the whole time and he pulled out and shot a second load on her tits while she swallowed my come.
Exhausted, we all collapsed on the floor panting like dogs tryiing to catch our breath. She was stunning, lying there, cheast heaving glistening from a mix of come and sweat.
We all drifted off to bed after that. No one said a thing about it for almost a week until Matt and I were working on an art project together. He looked up at me and said, "Thanks"
We all played around together until the end of the school year when Matt moved back home to attend class at the annex and Crystal and I moved to a new town.
But i still remember our first time vividly. Later we even got some of the action on video and once added a single girl without Matt, and a girl with Matt.
But those stories are for a later time.

Thanks for reading.:bye:


Sep 21, 07 at 06:13pm
Very hot story.Crystal sounds like a keeper.:roll:


Sep 22, 07 at 04:41pm
Damn HOt! Sporting a big chubby on this one! Your so lucky to have such a fun girl. Posted pics of her yet????
Can't wait for your other stories! Write man Write!!!

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Sep 22, 07 at 06:01pm
Excellent story. Quite riveting to read.
Ohh how i wish my wife played. LOL.
but then again, I have been in the position of being with other couples before, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The couple did as well.
Thanks again.

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Sep 23, 07 at 10:10am
awesome story,sounds like u both had fun.

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Sep 23, 07 at 05:32pm
thanks guys. it's one of the few times i've told that story. no names were changed to protect the inncent cuz we sure aren't innocent anymore:D

i do have more stories about our exploits if you guys wanna read some more.

no pics yet though. she's shy about posting, but not about letting me take em.

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Sep 27, 07 at 08:55am
Yeah! Excellent! More stories, please! Crystal is a gem!


Sep 27, 07 at 11:47am
Fill out your profile so we can know a little about you two. Send me a picture so I know what you look like. hsteffee@aol.com:wink:


Oct 2, 07 at 01:58pm
very good story would love to see some pics:wink:

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Oct 6, 07 at 01:42am
Exciting hot story.I was hoping Matt would cum in her mouth too.What is hotter than seeing your lady swallow a big load from another man.OK maybe watching her eat pussy tops that but they both are awesome to see. Write those other staries,she is hot,marry her so she doesn't get away ~ she's a keeper.