playing videos

playing videos

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Sep 21, 07 at 12:58pm
I cant play peoples videos, when i click on the play video link in a persons profile nothing happens, i can play videos anywhere else,in WW or other sites, its very frustrating. :evil::twisted::x


Sep 23, 07 at 09:33am
I am having the same problem need help

Deleted Member

Sep 23, 07 at 11:27am
Go to Start> Set Program Acess and Defaults> Change or Remove Programs. Uninstall 'Adobe Flashplayer ActiveX.

Restart your computer. With ONE window, only open, go to (Highlight, copy and paste thius url in your ONLY ONE open window):

If you don't want the Google Toolbar, uncheck that box, check the "I Agree" box, and install. Look for the yellow ribbon at the top of the page so you can click on it and select 'Allow to Install'. Let it install.

Then go to:

install the java runtime environment for your operating system.

They should work then. If not, go to:

READ it and update your Active X, and ENABLE it.