Another bad,bad,bad........

Another bad,bad,bad........

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Sep 21, 07 at 10:20am
A guy has just won the lottery and decides that his first purchase is going to be a pair of the finest shoes money can buy.
He heads off to London and goes to the most expensive shoe shop in Bond Street. After explaining that he is after the finest pair of shoes available, the shop assistant lets him try a pair of hand stitched Italian brogues. When told that they cost £500 a pair, the guy states that these are too cheap and asks to see something more exclusive.

The shop assistant, a little surprised, calls the manager. The manager listens to the guys request and searches the stock room. He returns with a pair of the most exquisite hand-made pig-skin shoes. The manager informs the guy that these shoes cost £6000 a pair. The guy states that these are still a bit common and asks if there is anything else. The manager nods his head, gets his keys and heads to the safe.
He returns with the finest shoes ever made, explaining that the cobbler who produced these shoes has made them from human skin. The guy tries them on and finds them to be the softest most comfortable shoes he has ever worn.

"how much are they? he asks

"Well being made from human skin, they are very special, and they will cost you twenty thousand pounds"

"The price is fine" says the guy "I'm just not sure about the pinky-beige colour"

The manager replies " Well, we've got them in black for £1.99"

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Sep 21, 07 at 12:32pm
Oooohhhhhh that's a good one!!!

xoxo Mz V:lol:


Sep 22, 07 at 04:35am
Then there was the odd fellow who had a wallet made from the skin of penises. If you rubbed it just right it became a two-suiter.:twisted:

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Sep 24, 07 at 08:34am
OMG...LMAO...good one ljd. :lol: