Wife tries new cock

Wife tries new cock


Nov 9, 08 at 07:58am
While on holiday last week, my wife Jo, and I were having a nice afternoon in the hotel Spa. We noticed a good looking bloke who kept eying her. Jo was interested in him so she let him have a good look at her body when she could.
After a while we struck up a conversation and Jo whispered she wanted to let him fuck her if he was interested.

I thought it would be good so she offered herself to him and they went up to our room. When I arrived a few minutes later, she was spread naked on the bed and her new friend was between her legs fucking her.
I poured some wine and settled down to watch. When he came in her he rolled off and I got between her legs to take his place. I was hard and ready and added my cum to his in her well used pussy.

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the day taking turns at fucking her and we both had her from either end and in her ass and pussy at the same time until she was fully used.

Nice holiday but would you let your wife do the same!

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Nov 10, 08 at 04:23pm
OMG. I am 30/F, married, Asian. Hubby wants to do exactly what your wife did. He really wants to watch. He tells me during sex.

Should I ?

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Nov 11, 08 at 04:59am
you should not ask us if you should but ask yourself if this is what you want. of course us men will say yes to the question "should I"


Nov 11, 08 at 10:14am

the question is "Do you?" and you have to want the one to do it with.

Good luck

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Nov 11, 08 at 08:28pm
My husband always talked about black men with huge cocks fucking me during sex. He would kneel by my head with me sucking him while he fucked me with a black dildo , telling me a black man was using me. We finally did it with two brothers while he watched. They became very good friends of ours. Jen:oops::mrgreen:

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Nov 12, 08 at 03:37pm
Me and my wife have a fantasy of another man fucking her,but we are both still playing with the idea.It would have to be someone from another town so that there would not be any chance of ever running into him again.Do yall think that would be a good idea??I (we) would love to hear from others that have been in this situation in the past.We both get super turned on when we talk about her having a big cock in her very tight pussy.please let us hear from you if you have any comments.


Nov 13, 08 at 07:06am
jenwsexy,you said you did it with two brothers but you should tell us about the experience.Tastycock,if you and your wife both get turned on by the thought of a big cock in her give it a shot and if doesn't work out it doesn't have to happen again.busch19


Nov 14, 08 at 05:15pm
I would think someone you know and trust would be a lot safer. Going out of town and fucking a stranger could get you more than you bargain for, who knows what he's got and where he's been??

friends work better for us.


Jan 9, 09 at 11:39pm
Lots of logistical problems with both friends and strangers, thought eh issues are quite different....

If the guy was cool, and easy to get along with and just wanted to have a lot of fun and knew he was in second place, sure. Uh, I think. Of course also, being a guy, I'd do a FMF 3 some in a second as long as the new lady was attractive to me, but I don't know what Alana would want. She's got her own mind, for certain!

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Jan 23, 09 at 01:06am
I help my wife get aroused when we're making love by whispering a fantasy of another man or another couple being in bed with us. The first time I confessed my secret desire to share her, she was astounded, but it was evident she was getting aroused by her wetness and looseness. After some time she got over the shock and now she asks me to help her "get excited" and that's code for telling her another fantasy. I keep busy reading the sexy stories and talking to others, so I'll have something to tell her. I'm now quite bold in my profession of the strong desire to share her with a well-endowed man and she rarely complains about the fantasy.
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