Top 25 Most Controversial Movies :x

Top 25 Most Controversial Movies :x

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Sep 20, 07 at 01:57pm
As rated in Entertainment Weekly.

Number 25 is:


The plot---You know the ginie in the lamp tale.

The Controversy---The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee balked at a lyric describing the film's Arabian setting as a land "where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face."

Result?---The studio dubbed out the lyric for subsequent releases.

What are your thoughts?
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Sep 22, 07 at 12:30pm
Stupid committee's voting on stupid crap in a cartoon movie that I think is Robin Williams greatest role!!!

xoxo Mz V

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Sep 22, 07 at 02:14pm
"Excuse me? Are YOU lookin at ME? Did YOU rub MY lamp?...." Quote taken from Aladdin

You have got to be kidding me? I'm thinkin that committee had nothin better to do. 8O


Sep 22, 07 at 09:48pm
I remember in 1989 when Barbarella came out we had to fake our age to get in to see it. Then I thought Jane Fonda was hot, then she became Hanoi Jane and I wouldn't pay to see another movie with her in it.

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Sep 23, 07 at 03:57pm
I'm with you MzV Williams is an amazing gifted comedian/actor I loved watching reruns of him in Mork & Mindy he is hilarious! he did a damn good job in Mrs. Doubtfire as well.

Anyways in regard to this...can't believe our society has gotten so PC that they sensor cartoons now :roll:


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Sep 23, 07 at 04:42pm
Number 24 is:


The Plot---This lavishly decadent film depicts the orgy-filled life and death of ancient Romes most notorious and clearly psychotic emperor.

The Controversy---Described as a moral holocaust by Variety, the film was first given a very limited theatrical release for fear of prosecution on obscenity grounds.

What are your thoughts?
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Sep 23, 07 at 10:54pm
I;m with mylips (above). Too PC about offending liberal minorities that they've thrown out the baby with the water. They need to sensor morality not jokes, stereotypical or not. I love a good joke that pokes fun at me (the truth hurts - but only if you buy into their bigotry.)


Sep 24, 07 at 01:34pm

should be nearer the top because of the pregnancy through incest and then the devouring of the unborn child. That image stuck with me for years.


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Sep 25, 07 at 07:20am
I haven't seen Caligula, yet...

as far as the Aladdin thing, yeah, that line was in poor taste, but what's sad is it's freaking true. Apparently telling the truth is un-pc...:evil:


Mar 16, 08 at 06:28am
I always thought "Born on the Fourth of July" was kind of controversial because it was one of the first movies to protest the Vietnam war.