Little Known Illnesses

Little Known Illnesses


Sep 20, 07 at 08:22am
AFROPHOBIA: Fear of the return of the 70's hairstyles.

DEJA FLU: The feeling that one has had this cold before.

HYPOCOINDRIA: Fear of not having correct change.

HAIRPIECE SWIMPLEX: Rash caused by wearing a toupee in a pool.

HERPES CINEPLEX: Rash caused by movie tickets priced at $9.50.


VISACARDITIS: The heart-stopping sensation brought on by exceeding your credit limit.

SONSTROKE: An attack during the reading of a will.

ROSWELL-BABY SYNDROME: Irrational fear that one's infant might be an alien.

OREOPOROSIS: Disorder caused by too many cookies, not enough milk.

Deleted Member

Sep 20, 07 at 12:27pm
I always love seeing somebody wearing a rug (toupee) and walk up and point to it and say..."I can't even tell that's a toupee" !

Deleted Member

Sep 20, 07 at 01:40pm
i used to have real long hair an older friend was giving me hell about it in a busy department store just trying to embarrass me when he stopped to catch his breath i reached up and took his hat off of his totaly bald head and said real your heart out. he shut up pretty fast after that