order of post - revisited?

order of post - revisited?


Sep 20, 07 at 07:59am
Don't know how this will work out, but I wanted to see just what it would do. We all know once a post goes to page 2, 3, etc and you reply the reply will stay on the page you posted your reply instead of going to the top post of page 1. So I went back to this post of tomygunn's to see if I could copy and paste it into a new post and bring it back to life on page one by posting it again on page one, so here goes....will see what happens.

16:07 Sep 16, 2007
i just replied to a joke on page 2 and instead of putting it to the top of page 1 it stayed on page 2. makes me wonder how many i have missed

16:12 Sep 16, 2007
Same here tomy, it's all screwy and hard to figure out....

xoxo Mz V

16:18 Sep 16, 2007

17:16 Sep 16, 2007
I wish there was a next pge button at the bottom of the thread so I don't have to scroll back to the top,I want to see which ones I read allready, Damit I Want It ALL.....Ah I feel better now

17:18 Sep 16, 2007

I stay corn fused all the time.

21:38 Sep 16, 2007
LOL...Seems to work only on page one...((:roll)

22:03 Sep 16, 2007
Well poop, hate to think I would have missed it tomygunn...
Hopefully things will get better.

00:36 Sep 17, 2007
I keep replying to messages "I think" are the last in the threads, only to find out that I wasn't on the last page so my replies have seemed a lil silly........first, scroll completely to the right to make sure on last page......

giggles, Mz V

02:04 Sep 17, 2007
If you up your number of pages from 10 to 30
it will work try it and see

02:15 Sep 17, 2007

Mine only goes to 20 and have using it that way since day one.

02:18 Sep 17, 2007
Ok bobby 20 here and 30 on the discussion board

02:20 Sep 17, 2007
Never mind, I put my glasses on and it is 30 on the general discussion board and 20 in the joke section.
Edited: Bobby at 02:21 Sep 17, 2007

02:24 Sep 17, 2007
NO it's 30 here to if your on the #1 page

02:27 Sep 17, 2007
I only have five fingers and five toes so I don't count that high.

14:30 Sep 17, 2007
Mine is always on the 30, doesn't matter...once the 30 is full and you go to page 2 and reply to a post your reply should immediately move it to the top post on page one, but it does not....it stays on page 2. Utter nonsense, just not user friendly at all. Takes longer for everyone and just keeps the site bogged down....and it has been a slow pace in here lately.


Sep 20, 07 at 08:02am
Lol..it worked minus the thumnail pics. Would hate to think one would have to do it this way all the time....imagine trying to do this with a 2 quickie thread with 200 + replies????

Deleted Member

Sep 20, 07 at 11:38am
hopefully they will fix this and have an indicator of new posts. they can use the check mark that is allready there just program it to disapear after it has been opened

Deleted Member

Sep 20, 07 at 12:43pm
I've found if I set the number on page to 30 to begin then the replys show up like they are suppose to........most of the time....

Deleted Member

Sep 20, 07 at 06:31pm
I just wish that when the number of pages is set once it would stay that way - I don't like to have to reset it each time I sign in.