casual sex

casual sex


Jun 4, 08 at 11:27am
who thinks casual sex is wrong: just curious on the views on a site like this.....


Jun 4, 08 at 11:36am
to elaborate slightly and diverge: I am on this site for reasons similar i guess to many of you.
I have come out of an endless relationship and don't want another one...thus what i am after is sex, sex and sex.
now the reason i am on the site is to make sure that i approach and be approached by females who at this moment in time are like minded. not hurt any one and possibly protect my image by reducing myself to what some people would call vulgar.:oops:
As opposed to the first option which is to approach females of my circle and wider circle or random ones in bars to such ends; is this internet dating.

I sometimes think this as cowardly and other times that i subconsciously think it's wrong sinse i am taking a more indirect and anonymous if i should choose so roote: ww clubhouse :P

what do you think?
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Jun 4, 08 at 06:47pm
as long as the 2 (or more) people involved are smart about what they are doing and try to be as safe as possible, i see nothing wrong with "casual" sex. i firmly believe that, if all involved are willing and consenting, it is a great form of release. i had a person that i was involved with for some time for casual sex only. there was no dating, going out to eat, or anything like that. just sex and some politeness. it was great. when we weren't interested anymore, we just went our seperate ways with absolutely no regrets. good luck on your endeavours and hope to hear feom you from time to time. bis:roll:


Jun 7, 08 at 07:50pm
Today 'casual' sex is like playing russian roulett. We like to spend time getting to know couples we want to play with before there's gonna be any exchanging of bodily fluids. Now 'getting to know them' doesn't mean any emotional entanglements, but we definitely want to be friends first.

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Jun 8, 08 at 08:21am
if it feel right just do it x


Jun 10, 08 at 11:49am
I've been trying to do this with my wife for sometime now (9 years to be exact). Much closer now than before, but nothing "exchanged"...yet. Same couple too. Perhaps that may change this summer if we are able to get them to go w/us to a nude campground. Personally, I feel as long as no emotional attachment, then go for it. With peoples busy lifestyles nowdays, how can couples get together for encounters? So why not release some anxiety with others who share the same free time as you?

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Jun 13, 08 at 03:59pm
I'm Alfie. Do you want me?!!!::-)


Jun 14, 08 at 06:51am
I agree with yogi! I think casual sexl is fine! and SOOO much fun, But know who your with!!


Jun 23, 08 at 04:48pm
Hey,do what you want is my motto as long as no body gets hurt. :oops:


Jun 30, 08 at 05:32am
Just make sure you use protection,and good luck::bye: