Raven Runs A Clean Site :D

Raven Runs A Clean Site :D

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Sep 18, 07 at 10:26am
With the help of Ray, Tony and modbot, we do not have pop ups, browser high jacking and spam is kept at bay.

Every member has the option of becoming a premium member without it being forced on them by constant ads to join.

It is the members choice to join or not.

The biggest whiners and cry babies complaining about the new clubhouse are the non premium members who bitch and claim they are going to another site because some of what was once available free is now part of the upgrade.

Limitations on messages seems to be the most of the complaints.

I was also being spammed daily and I detest it being forced on me.

Cutting back on the number of messages that can be sent daily for non upgrade members has brought it to a complete stop.

Granted, the limite of messages should be increased to maybe 10 a day as a test run, but that is the choice of the owners, not the non premimun members.

Be thankful for what Ravin and Ray provide you with that is free.

They run the cleanest site around.

That is my opinion and if you don't like it, that's your problem.
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Sep 18, 07 at 10:31am
I too am very impressed with this site. I moved here from another site that was everything this site isn't. Spammers, Degrading and unnecessarily rude comments in public view. Anyway thanks to Raven a Ray for a wonderful place to post our pictures and our souls...Thank you. :wink: Kyren


Sep 18, 07 at 04:49pm
All sites evolve
and WW is still fine with me.
So I am with you on this subject Bobby

ps whats a 'modmot'?

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Sep 18, 07 at 04:57pm
It was suppose to be modbot, not modmot.

My keyboard can't spell today.

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Sep 18, 07 at 05:31pm

Square on the money. Whiners that don't pay are not entitled to much attention. It tells me what they really want... a free ride with no responsibility or commitments. I appreciate the rules around here.

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Sep 18, 07 at 06:20pm
hmmmm... posts going missing.

As I stated... I have been a premium member... and still have membership to certain areas... just not the clubhouse.

As I'm no longer a regular member... the cost to be able to send messages just doesn't equate for me... it's a hefty cost unless you are here all day every day.

I don't have a problem with paying for something I use... maybe WW should consider more options for people of forums... but don't use cams or such... I don't know.

I miss the old WW and the friends I made... and besides... if it wasn't for us 'freeloaders' WW would not be where it is today.


Sep 18, 07 at 06:31pm
yep bobby!

well theres always the "if you dont like it go somewhere else " line!!!!

one of my faves i must say!:P


Sep 18, 07 at 08:05pm
I miss the old WW and the friends I made... and besides... if it wasn't for us 'freeloaders' WW would not be where it is today.

I don't fully agree with this statement. This is a multi million dollar site that has been paid for by paying members. Surely free members realize that the fact that they come here and use the site for free doesn't and hasn't "made this site what it is today' How do you figure that?? Money makes the world go around and giving stuff away free doesn't pay the bills. It's always been the paying parts of the site that has kept it open. That's just good old common sense.

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Sep 18, 07 at 08:09pm
I love the site! The WW crew continues to do a great job. Thanks, and keep up the good work. :-)


Sep 18, 07 at 08:27pm
Oh, and I agree that three messages is a little stingy, 10 would sooth a lot of feathers and cause a lot less email on peoples regular emails. Personally, the extra cam time is the best bargain for us but I also spend a lot of time in here as well so I realize the concern.