May 7, 08 at 05:47pm
or Burma or whatever they call themselves.
This country ran by the military was hit by a horrible storm.
The USA and other countries offered aid right away and it was turned down.
Yet, the busy body American government can't let that go. They are almost demanding to be let in to "help".
The USA alone this month has had dozens of tornadoes that tore apart the center and southern country. Bit portions of Dixie are still a mess from Katrina a few years back.
Please write your senator and rep and tell them to take care of US first.


May 8, 08 at 10:11am
Its very sad for the people in Myanmar.They have sufferd of their military governement and now this.More than 100.000 dead and millions without home.Tsunami was nothing compared with this.
We have couple thousend refugees from Myanmar here and they are very nice people .Now almost everyone of them has lost relatives.
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May 10, 08 at 09:03am
They need to overthrow their oppressive government.


May 10, 08 at 09:30am
Yes they do. It is not our place, however, to do it for them. The UN needs to keep their goddamn noses out of other peoples business when they aren't welcome.


May 10, 08 at 11:02am
Got that right. Maybe some backroom arm twisting.
Read today that the generals have already stole a lot of the stuff they did let in.


May 10, 08 at 02:59pm
Pity for Burma people.They should overthrow their governement but how.Its a big country with 50 million ppl.Big and strong army that is modernised with help of Israel ,Chevron,China ,Russia and India.

So if the governement dont let UN and Red Cross help the people ,who have the interest to go there.


May 23, 08 at 07:07am
Have you ever noticed how the death rate goes
up in proportion to the aid offered in these
little countries?

It is likely that the military won't let in any
reasonable assistance agency because they will
soon learn that the death rate is not nearly
as many people as has been reported.

These countries, like the U.S., get hit with
hurricanes or "cyclones" as they call them,
pretty regularly. Does it make sense that
so many so called victims don't know how to
survive a storm? Even our dumbest dorks seem
to know how to seek cover in a hurricane.

Sorry if my attitude sucks but ever since the
lying nonsense that happened with Katrina,
when the democrats were crying that the U.S.
government was not helping, even as the
Coast Guard helicopters were pulling people
to safety, I do not trust the politicos when
they start whining about storm damage.

And when you translate "dead bodies" into money, the leaders of a country like Mayanmar
will certainly pro=vide enough bodies to justify more money.


May 23, 08 at 02:54pm
Soba now I think You are litlle on side track.Burma( Myanmar) is not small country.It has more than twice more people than Texas.Aeria is about same but people living per square kilometer are more than twice too.

By the aeria its more than twice bigger than Vietnam.

The catastrophe aeria is very difficult because its just litlle up from sea level.The winds can hit it very hard.

One thing is that unfortunately their regime didnt want to take any help.

We can see here in our TV maybe litlle more than you how its going there.

Its not good Soba.It was bad with Katrina.But this is ten times more bad.

The governement there dont translate dead bodies into money but power to keep the people as slaves.


May 23, 08 at 04:49pm
I find it a little strange that the original death toll was less than 400. And now they are talking a hundred thousand or more. I agree that there seems to be some strange things going on and if the government in charge refuses to let people in to help then lets keep our supplies. Reports from what few people have managed to get in the country say the food going out to the remote areas are rotten and no good. The government has stockpiled the good stuff for the military and sent their outdated supplies out to the people. And I'm sure this is common practice around the world when aid is offered to countries who will not allow anyone to follow up on their use.

Offering aid to a country in need is one thing, being used is another. If they don't want our help we should not be offended, just save our money for a better use.


May 23, 08 at 04:56pm
Point in question, in answer to Rad, Zep, Perry, and Soba, Who fuckin cares?? Ya know, like too bad, so sad and all that but their problems are their own and none of our business.
Already the generals are saying they don't want us there cause they've been telling their people we want to invade them. For what?? they're so poor they can hardly eat now, what do they possibly have that we want bad enough to invade em?? We offered, they refused, end of story. If the bleeding hearts are so damned concerned, let em go do something instead of shooting off their mouths.
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