Sep 18, 07 at 01:05am
I just bought to DVD copy of the "End Of an Era" From Nightwish

FUCK ME , ITS BETTER THAN SEX ....What a truly remarkable band


Sep 18, 07 at 12:49pm
Ray I am litlle proud it being a finnish band.It comes from a small town in eastern Finland .:bye:


Oct 7, 07 at 07:46am
new album is good too


Oct 14, 07 at 11:11am
Yes. Dark Passion Play is very good album. New singer, Anette Olzon fit in to the band better than Tarja Turunen. Tarja was more dramatic and yes, she has incredible voice. Tarja is the reason why I started to listen Nightwish many years ago. But soul of the band is Tuomas Holopainen, composer and leader of the band. He makes great music. And his music is so powerful and sensitive that not many band can reach same level.

I watch "End Of an Era" some time ago. And it is very awesome. I cry a little.:cry:

Deleted Member

Nov 3, 07 at 04:15pm
I seen them a week ago in Toronto. Very good show. My brother and I really enjoyed it. My friend liked it but liked Tarja better. (We seen them the last time they played in Montreal.)