Amazing holiday pt 1

Amazing holiday pt 1


Sep 17, 07 at 11:06am
for all the new members...

Amazing Holiday Experience

We had arrived at our holiday destination in a delightful part of Cornwall during the morning an decided to get some lunch. Joy, my wife and I went to the on site café and enjoyed a pleasant meal up on the balcony. During the meal, I noticed two guys at the downstairs bar were constantly looking up in our direction and nodding to each other. It didn’t take the brains of an archbishop to realise that they had a good view up Joy’s dress and she had a lot of leg on display. I told her they were ogling her and she should give them a good show. I nearly had to duck as she playfully swung her hand at me and called me a pervert! Even then, I noticed she did move a little and I was sure she was displaying herself a little more for them.
After we had eaten, we went to the bar for a drink and sat a little way from the men. I excused myself and went to the toilet leaving Joy on her own. As I left the toilet I noticed one of the men seemed to be moving away from Joy. She looked a little flushed and I asked what was wrong when I sat down. “He tried to chat me up” she said a embarrassed but I noticed a glint in her eye as she said it.
Taking her hand we went back to our accommodation and spent the rest of the afternoon fucking each other silly

That evening we went to the local pub on the complex for some dinner and a few drinks. She was still very bubbly and wore a low cut top and short skirt. Throughout the meal, I watched her as she scanned the people for her two men from lunch. I was sure that she was very interested in them sexually.
Just after the meal, I was returning from the bar with fresh drinks when I saw her giggling at the table. Asking her why, she told me that a rather decent man had gone past and he had slowed to stare at her! Her top was revealing more than she had anticipated and his gaze had made her tingle.
Not long after he went by again and had another good stare at her. I noticed her looking straight back at his eyes this time and she smiled at him. I encouraged her to be more provocative as he passed on his way back from the bar and she giggled.
This time he was carrying drinks and as he approached, Joy smiled back at him and licked her lips rather sensually. She also crossed her legs exposing a lot of very tasty thigh! The man slowed right down and smiled back at her. He was obviously letching at my wife and she was flirting outrageously back with him.
He was dressed in a check shirt and between us, he became “Check Shirt”.
It was surprising how many times he found an excuse to walk past Joy and each time she returned his gaze becoming more and more daring each time. On one occasion, Joy lent right back and stretched her legs out in front of her. I am sure she must have exposed her knickers as her skirt hem rode right up her legs. Check Shirt was so mesmerised that he actually bumped into one of the staff as he stared at Joy!
Sadly, he left soon afterwards with his wife and he stumbled as Joy blew him a kiss.

Joy dragged me from the pub and back to our lodge. She almost raped me on the way. Her flirting had made her so hot for sex we went straight to bed and fucked and fucked. As I fucked her, she looked up and asked if I thought Check Shirt was fucking his wife right now and imagining he was fucking her. I laughed and said I knew he was!
Ramming my cock deep inside her, I asked if she wanted to fuck Check Shirt and the two men from lunch. She replied that if she got this hot again she would fuck anyone anytime!

Next Day

The day started with a visit to one of the local attractions, Joy was still very much turned on and was very much in favour of the frequent fondling I enjoyed for the rest of the visit!
That evening we went to the pub again for some dinner and to see if “Check Shirt” would be in. He wasn’t there and Joy was visibly deflated. I think she fancied flirting with him again that night. Anyway, dinner was good again and Joy had a few glasses of wine, which put her in a better mood!
There was some entertainment going on in the other room and it sounded quite good. She looked at me and said we should go and watch the group for a while, I wasn’t too keen as I wanted to get her back to our accommodation and make love to her but I relented and followed her into the darkened room.
We were hit by the thump, thump, thump of the beat from the band and could hardly see through the dim light. Joy was looking around for somewhere to sit as the place seemed full when I saw an arm waving from a corner. A man was becoming us to go toward him and I pushed Joy in the direction of his waving.
As we got near I saw it was one of the men from the bar the other lunchtime and his friend was with him. Both of them smiled as we approached and moved to allow us to sit down. We were in a dark corner with a round table and Joy sat next to the guy who had waved and I plonked myself down on the other side of her. As she sat I noticed that the hem of her dress had ridden up quite a way and I saw the man next to her glance down at her exposed thigh. He grinned.
As we settled, the men introduced themselves as Stuart and Les and began to engage us in simple banter. It was almost impossible to hear what anyone was saying due to the group and I found myself being slowly pushed out of the conversation.
Joy was wearing a dress similar to the one they had first seen her in and Stuart was continually chatting to her. She had to lean forward to listen to him and I was sure he was getting a good look down her cleavage. I felt a stirring in my trousers at the thought of him oggling her tits!
Les, the man on the other side, was also getting pushed out and he came round to talk to me. We got on well but he was asking a lot of questions about Joy and I. Had we been married long and the like.
As the evening went on, we drank more beer and Joy had quite a lot of wine. She was getting on famously with Stuart and Les as they took turns in sitting next to her. I could see she was very flattered by their attentions and I noticed the soft touches to arms and shoulders as they chatted. At one point I managed to ask her if she was ok and she grinned at me with a wicked glint in her eye.
I went out to the toilet and paused there a while to take in the situation. It was clear they wanted her and she seemed more than a little interested in them. I thought that later in the week there might be a chance to let one of them share her with me and I smiled as I left the toilets.
As I neared our table, I could see that both Stuart and Les were now sitting on either side of my wife and talking to her. Getting closer, I noticed Stuart had a hand on Joy’s leg. She was sitting open legged with her hem up high and letting him grope her quite freely. She was wearing tights and I could see the thicker material clearly under his hand. Les was looking a little sheepish as I sat down but Stuart kept on groping Joy and talking to her. Joy grinned coyly at me as I rejoined, then went back to talking closely with Stuart.
A few moments later she excused herself and went to the toilets. The three of us watched the group for a while and Les said to me that they thought Joy was a real hot woman and how lucky I was to have her. I agreed and he nudged his friend. Stuart lent over and said he hoped we were having as good a time as he was!
When Joy returned, she wriggled in between Les and Stuart and smiled at me. I smiled back and asked her if she was OK and having a good time. She leant across Les and casually put her hand in his lap as she shouted over the din that she was. Les jumped at her touch and she giggled. “It could get better” she said and held out her hand to me.
I reached out and she put her tights in my hand!
All four or us looked at the tights and she said “well its hot in here!” I heard Stuart mutter “not as hot as you babe!” and we all laughed.
We watched the group for a while then I turned to speak to Joy. I soon realised that I was the only one in our corner listening to the group because what I saw made my cock leap to attention!
Covered by Les, Stuart was kissing my wife with his tongue thrust deep into her mouth. Joy was pulling him to her and kissing him back frantically. Les was kissing her on her neck and breasts and I looked down to see they both had a hand up inside her dress hem.
Joy’s legs were wide open and she was allowing them both free access to her body in front of me and anyone who cared to look! Her free hand was in Stuart’s lap and she was rubbing his erection through his trousers.
I watched fascinated as these two men groped and kissed my wife. She was acting like a total slut and I was loving it! I saw her body lurch under their hands and I realised one of them had got his fingers inside her cunt and was playing with her openly. Stuart’s hand came into view and I saw that it was Les fingering her. Stuart’s hand pulled her knickers to the side and I could see Les’s fingers penetrating my wife’s swollen pussy. The view disappeared as Stuart found her clit and he began to play with it.
The sight of my wife being used like that was almost too much for my cock and I went to the bar before I came in my pants. When I returned she was still being groped and kissed by Les and Stuart was zipping up his trousers. She had obviously got to his cock and it looked to me by the state of him that he had cum! Les was now kissing her and she was just as enthusiastic with him as she had been with Stuart.
I sat down next to Stuart and continued to watch Les and Joy. Stuart looked at me as he finished zipping up and said, “Shit Dan, she is one hell of a hot chick! We’re going to take her to our lodge and fuck her ass off!”
He looked at me and said, “We’ll give you a ring when we have finished with her. You can get her then.”
With that he tugged at both of them and they reluctantly pulled apart. Les’s fingers were glistening with my wife’s pussy juice. “Come on girl lets go shag your brains out.” He said roughly to her.
I watched, stunned, as she willingly staggered to her feet and followed Stuart toward the door. She turned and smiled at me, blowing me a kiss she mouthed, “see you later darling” and dissapeared through the door behind Stuart. Les turned to me as he followed them. As he adjusted his trousers her grinned and said “don’t worry, we’ll see she gets a good fucking tonight!”
Then they were gone.

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Sep 17, 07 at 01:30pm
Hot Daniel, hot! Make me into one of your stories?

Melissa :oops:


Sep 17, 07 at 01:39pm
A woman like you could have as many real stories as you want, your soooooo hot!

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Sep 18, 07 at 03:01pm
Wow, awesome.

I always love to ogle sexy women when I'm in restaurants etc - but would never have th nerve to take it any further - great description of one of my fantasies.

Can't wait for Part 2.

But did you turn the tables? - find a woman or 2 for yourself?