Cum'n Summer in Adelaide

Cum'n Summer in Adelaide


Sep 14, 07 at 11:59pm
This is a male-bi story (if you're squeemish).
Well it's only just September but the days are getting longer and warmer, and last weekend was great here in Adelaide.
Saturday was due to be 26 degrees (78F) and when I woke up and saw it bright and sunny I got nice and hard thinking about hitting the sand dunes.
I started the day with a nice wank in bed, cumming all over my stomach with hot juices that I lapped up into my hand and massged all over my balls.
After showering I did some jobs around the house and by 1pm had done everything I needed.

I got together a towel, some water, changed into shorts and t-shirt, and jumped into the car heading toward the dunes at West Lakes.
It was hot in the car and as I cruised there I pulled my shorts down and my cock flopped out into the sun streaming through the windscreen.
I stroked it casually as I drove past another guy in the next lane, he glanced over but couldnt see my cock now steering my car.
It's only 5 minutes to the car park and as I pulled in there were 10 cars in the several parks.
I tucked my cock back in, grabbed my stuff and started up the hill to my favourite spot among the bushes and dunes.

The dunes are full of bushes and shrubs between a couple of feet up to 6 foot tall and some have big shady groves and hollows.
There's a couple of popular spots and I headed to one. There didnt seems to be anyone else around as I put my things down.
My cock was hard again as I pulled off my t-shirt and dropped my shorts to feel the sun hit my skin. It was great.

I spread out my towel and took a drink, then stood up again and had a good look around. Sure enough I could see some heads moving around a few hundred feet away.
There were a couple of guys on the different paths and they were looking for cock not for surf.
Standing behind one of the bushes I was stroking my cock as it oozed warm juices, with the sun beating down on my back and arse.
Getting down on my knees spread wide I could feel the warm breeze blowing past the crack of my arse and around my swaying balls as I stroked hard and faster.
Imaginging I was rocking and surfing on a hard wet cock around my balls I was stroking faster as I watched one of the guys come around my side of the bush.
He paused and looked intently at me as I started to spray all over the sand, one hand pumping my cock and the other clenching my balls.

He approached as I turned over and sat back on my towel to grab a smoke then he reached into his shorts and pulled out his short fat cock.
I reached up and touched his big hairy balls and traced my fingers up to his cock which he was still stroking.
Moving his hand I took his cock with both my hands and stroked it up and down as he got instantly harder. He breathed deep as I stood up and while stroking his cock took my own and rubbed it against his.
It felt great with our two knobs sliding against each other with his precum oozing out each time I gave him another squeeze.

While stroking him I saw another guy was now walking between the dunes and bushes to our other side and heading our way.
He could see exactly what I was doing and I looked him in the eye as he came right up to us and dropped his shorts.

There were now three of us naked behind the bush, me with two cocks in hand and the new guy behind me rubbing his growing cock between my arse.
I could feel his cock was thick and like the first guy uncircumcised.
The sun was warm and our bodies felt hot together the first guy suddenly started to gasp as his cock shot white ropes of cum all over the sand.
He grabbed his cock and pulled back his foreskin and massaged his knob and his cum covered his hands and dripped from his pubes and he turned back to us.

I was standing with my arms behind me holding the new guy's cheeks while he's still rubbing his now hard wet cock in my arse.
It felt hot and I bent over to feel it better, then turned around for my first look.
His cock was a good 7 inches and thick enough. I took it in my mouth and it felt so good.
Just then I noticed another guy standing about 20 feet away intently watching our show.
He didnt budge as I stared at him and sucked down hard on my friends cock.
I closed my eyes as I pumped his cock into my mouth, tasting his salty juices and feeling his knob slide into my throat.
His balls were huge and I massaged them with both hands letting some juices flow from my mouth so I could wet his arse with my fingers.

My audience was frozen watching the show as I took hold of the base of the cock and like a lolly pop sucked his cock all the way in and out.
His balls tensed up and I felt him quiver and I sucked on harder letting his cock hit my throat and then I felt his cum.
He gushed so much my mouth was full in the first shot. I swalled and pumped down on his next shot and it filled my mouth again.
His cock was white as snow as I looked down to see the thick coat of cum spreading down his shaft onto his pubes.
I swallowed again and thrust down several more times till he gasped and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

All this time I had forgotten about my own cock, but I didnt care.
The guy cleaned off his cock, thanked me and took off. Our audience guy stood there smiling as I gathered up my own gear, put on my stuff and headed off.
I love the beach and getting naked down here with some guys in the sun.
Cum on summer.