So, is this heaven or hell?

So, is this heaven or hell?


Sep 14, 07 at 12:10pm
A man dies and finds himself in a small room furnished with a couch and TV. There's another guy sitting on the couch, watching the screen.

"So, is this heaven or hell?" he asks the guy on the couch.

"Well, there are no windows or doors, and no apparent way out," the man answers.

"So it's hell?"

"I don't know," says the other guy, without looking up. "They did give us this nice big TV."

"So maybe it's heaven."

"Maybe, but it has only one channel," the man counters.

"Oh, so maybe it's hell?"

"Well, the station it gets is pretty's PBS."

"So maybe this is heaven after all?"

"Yeah, except for one thing," the other guy says sadly. "It's always pledge week."