"A Hard Day At The Beach"

"A Hard Day At The Beach"

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Sep 14, 07 at 11:26am
A Hard Day At The Beach

What I wanted was a nice quiet day at the beach, relaxing in the sun, with a little swimming and tanning. I got what I wanted and more...

With nothing to do and no where else to go, I decided to go to the beach for a few hours. I packed the car, dressed and scooted off to a day in the sun. When I reached the beach, I unloaded the cooler, chair, backpack of all my necessities and the umbrella. I found a quiet, out-of-the-way spot, set up my 'site' and stripped to my suit.

I decided to go for a swim and waded into the warm water; Eleven O’clock, and it was already 85 degrees out and going to get hotter. I swam for about half-an-hour, and then went back to my chair for lunch. After eating, I oiled my body, set my chair and lied down on my stomach to read my book. The beach was filling up and there were a few moms with kids down the beach and a lot of ladies alone and with their girl and guy friends.

I read for awhile, then went back into the water for some more swimming. When I got out, my body was gleaming in the sun from the oil that I had put on before and the water just ran off. I returned to my chair, drank some juice and lied down to tan my front. I closed my eyes and could feel the radiant sun warming my body. I must have fallen asleep, because I found myself dreaming of scantily clad ladies, their bodies glistening with oil and water, lying on their chairs, soaking up the sun, their hair pulled back, breasts rising and falling with every breath; Their legs spread out as they re-oiled their own and each others bodies. I guess I was a tad bit horny; the warmth of the sun combined with the sound of the waves tends to do that to me. What a dream this was going to be!!

The combining of the sun and dream made me filled with want and so horny, that when I woke up, I had a raging Hard-On and the tip was protruding out of my skimpy suit. I heard a voice close to me say "You'd better tuck that in, or it's going to get real burned! It looks to be extremely hot already!" I looked over and saw two gorgeous ladies smiling at me. I pulled my suit over the head of my cock, told them I was having a helluva dream and apologized. I figured that I had better cool off real quick, so I got up and headed back into the water. "Tucking it in" didn't help much, especially in the skimpy suit that I was wearing; Hiding it wasn't an option; there just wasn't much room. The bulge showed that I was very hard and my balls were swollen from all the cum inside them and made the suit bow out so I, or anyone that was close for that matter, could look in and see all the way to my ball sack. I had to do something to quell this lust inside of me, not to mention my raging Hard-On! I dove into the water, almost loosing my suit and swam underwater for awhile, coming up to breathe only when I absolutely needed to.

I swim with my eyes open, but was still amazed to nearly bump into two sets of very shapely legs. I came up quickly, trying not to knock them over. Two sets of hands reached out and held me steady, groping my chest and suit enticingly. When I surfaced, both of my beach 'neighbors' were standing there. I apologized again and we introduced ourselves to one-another and talked for a little while about the area, the beach and everyone's interests. Their names were Joy and Laura and they were here on vacation. They told me they were very interested in my dream and with what they saw and wanted to see more. They invited me over to the hotel where they were staying at later on that evening for drinks, dinner and 'fun'. They told me that they had left their address on my chair and what time would be good to get there. As they were about to leave, each one reached over, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a very wet kiss. Needless to say, I couldn't get out of the water right away, because my cock was again throbbing.

I watched them towel off, pull on their clothes, pick up all their things, wave and walk off. By this time, I had 'cooled off ' enough that I could get out of the water, but decided to keep swimming for a little while. When I did get out of the water, I toweled off, put on my glasses and found the paper with the girls' address on it. There was a short note that said "We'll be eagerly awaiting 'desert'. Hope you like sundaes with cherries. Please bring loads of whipped cream...(Smile.) and meet us in the bar." They left the hotel name and room number and signed their names.

Now, starting to harden up again, I decided that I'd better get out of there right away. I packed all my things, threw on a shirt and walked to my car. After loading the car, I headed for the store to pick up a can of whipped cream as a joke; then went home to ready myself for the evening. I showered, shaved my face, cock and balls, picked my clothes and lied down for a nap.

When the alarm went off, I got up right away, dressed and readied myself for the evening. Looking at the note again, I decided to take a few 'toys' with me, so I slipped them into an overnight bag with an extra set of clothes, grabbed the whipped cream and off I went. As I drove to their hotel, I had recurring visions of their two nearly naked bodies lying there on the beach and the way that they kissed me and fondled me in the water. This was going to be a great night!!

I got to the hotel and went to the bar to meet the girls as planned. I easily found Joy and walked up to her. She was dressed in a tight fitted, one piece, black dress with heels and stockings. To my amazement, she threw her arms around me and gave me a very deep, wet kiss like she had known me all our lives. She took me by the hand and told me that Laura was upstairs getting things ready. After paying her bill, we left the bar and went up. Riding in the elevator, Joy asked me what was in the bag, so I reached in and pulled out the whipped cream. We both had a laugh and I tucked it safely back into the bag. We got to the room just as room service delivered dinner, so Laura was standing there with the door open. She smiled wide and said "Hello Mark, it seems like it's been only hours since we've seen one-another." With that, she walked over, kissed me and with a wink, added "And you know what time does to me". The attendant had her sign the bill, smiled and left.

Laura was dressed in a loose cream colored blouse, a jean mini-skirt, stockings and heels also. I opened and poured the wine and we toasted to "Sun, fun and beautiful memories". We sat down to a very tasty dinner and talked about our lives and the goings on of their vacation. When dinner was over, I reached into the bag and handed Laura the whipped cream. She got a big smile on her face and said that I, in fact, was the desert that she and Joy were going to eat. Joy got up and went into the living room and turned on the television; She had her own smile on and you could tell she was up to something.

Laura excused herself, got up and accidentally knocked the can of whipped cream off the table. I was reaching for it and she stopped me. "I'll get it", she said with her own grin. She bent over in front of me and what there was of her skirt, slid up higher. Her legs were parted and to my amazement, the stockings she was wearing were attached to a garter belt and she wasn't wearing any panties, which gave me ample view of her delectable ass and crotch. I felt a twinge in my cock and it started growing immediately. Laura turned to see me gazing at her body, smiled and said "could you help me up?". I replied that since she had "helped me 'up', it was the least I could do for her. I reached for her and pulled her close to me, kissing her deeply and pressing my swelling cock to her crotch.

>From the other room we heard giggling and when we broke our embrace, we could see Joy sitting on the couch, watching the tube. Laura told me to go sit with her and that she'd be right back. I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Joy touched a button on the remote control, starting the VCR. "This is a movie I think you'll enjoy", she said and placed her hand on my bulge. It turned out to be a movie of Joy and Laura having sex with each other and a lot of toys. The movie was so hot that my cock swelled under Joys' hand until it was rock hard. Joy had her other hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. It was all driving me totally nuts. She gripped me through my pants, applying ample pressure and slowly ran her fingers up and down from my balls to the tip; "Sure wish that vibrator had been your cock", she moaned, referring to the movie.

Finally, the excitement got to be too much. Joy pulled her dress all the way off, leaving only her stockings, heels and crotch less panties. Her large breasts bounced and her protruding nipples stood hard. She reached over to me and started working the zipper on my pants. I had already taken off my shirt, so my hands were free to help her. I stood up, released the snap on them and stepped out of my sandals. My pants slipped to my knees and as Joy helped me step out of them, she could see the head and three inches of my pole sticking out. She then dropped back to the couch, reaching inside my pouch and pulling out the rest of my throbbing cock. From the base of my clean-shaven balls, to the tip of my swelling tool, she tongued me and sucked on me, while I ran my fingers through her soft hair. Each time she took me into her warm, wet mouth, she went farther and farther down until finally, I was fully engulfed in her throat, with my balls resting on her chin. She sucked me slowly at first, then gained speed tightening her lips and bobbing up and down on my swelling organ.

I opened my eyes when I began to lose my balance, only to find that Laura was standing there, totally nude, holding a video camera that was taping the whole scene. She had set it up on a tripod and was fingering her pussy, while Joy sucked on me. "This movie will be a bit more exciting, especially with a real cock and man attached to it!", she said, licking her lips. "I hope you're not camera shy", she added. I replied by holding Joy by the head, pulling my cock out of her mouth and saying "No; if I was, I'd be soft and as Joy can tell you, I'm not. Besides, they say the camera never lies".

Laura had set the camera on 'wide angle' so none of us had to mess with it. I sat down on the couch and invited her to come join us. She came over, looked at my throbbing bone, knelt down, licked me and began to kiss Joy deeply, while stroking my wet member in one hand. Each of the girls was on one side of my lap, hovering over me, with their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth; their hands groping one-another’s breasts.

They lowered themselves down until my dripping cock was between their mouths and began trading licks and sucks from the engorged tip, to my naked balls.

I was watching them pleasure my tool, along with themselves on the TV. and it was all I could do to keep from cumming. I wanted these women in more ways than one and was sure by their actions that they wanted me too. I told them so and they readily agreed. I had Laura kneel over my face and proceeded to suck on her pussy. Joy straddled my thick meat pole and facing Laura, started riding me and playing with and sucking Laura's delectable breasts. I parted Laura's outer lips, to find her love hole and clit. I nibbled on it, tongued her and teased her cunt in every way that I could. Her juices were really flowing when she rose up and told me that she wanted me to fuck her ass. I had never done that before, but agreed immediately. Joy was yelling and came in a fervent rush of juices, shakes and moans. Laura had to coax her from my organ that had swelled immensely with all the attention it was getting. Laura proceeded to lay her back and lick her pussy and then they both sucked Joys' juices from my cock and balls. Joy then licked Laura's asshole, getting it ready and wet for my prick. She also applied some Vaseline to make sure it would slide in easier. Laura positioned herself on all fours, while Joy got the camera and positioned it for a better view. Riding Laura 'doggie style' was great. Her swaying breasts, her wet bush, inner thighs and her very tight ass excited me to no 'end'. I slowly pressed the tip of my greased tool into her. I gave her inch by inch, putting it in and pulling it out until finally she had opened to take all nine inches of me. I rode her fast, and then slow, then faster still. I pumped my cock into her in an unequalled frenzy; my balls slapping against her firm buns with each stroke. I couldn't hold on much longer and told her so. She wanted me to pull out and shoot my cum all over her clit and between her lips. Joy was taping all of this and zoomed in for a close-up of my spurting cock gushing its' creamy juice onto Laura's hard clit. By the time I had finished, Laura was also cumming our mixed juices drooled from her pussy. We were moaning and nearly yelling with pleasure when we came. I immediately turned Laura onto her back and began licking and sucking her honey pot and our cumm from it. Joy re-positioned the camera and gave Laura her aching snatch to eat. Reaching down, Joy kneaded Laura's firm breasts and tweaked her nipples, while I licked and teased her sensitive clit until she came again and again in my waiting mouth, while Joy was in her glory riding and cumming in Laura's attentive mouth.

We all made love and had a lot of sex and fun, using combinations of all the toys that we had at our disposal. The girls even made my cock and balls into a chocolate sundae; cherry and all. We used chocolate pudding, cucumbers, ice, blindfolds, a cock ring, anal-beads and a whole lot more. I even let them take turns fucking me with their strap-on and we made a "chain". We all licked, fucked, sucked and came so much that by the end of the weekend, we all sat around and watched the tapes we had made. That just led to more positions and eroticism, and three very wet people. When it was finally time to go, they promised to send me a copy of the tape and to write, call and keep in touch. I think the last thing that was said was "Be careful what you dream of on the beach, it might cumm true...", and so it did; and much, much more!

Written by ~ Marcus Knight
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