music room

music room


Sep 14, 07 at 04:41am
new hands free button is great for us dj's, but i sure wish yu could give us a 4 minute button in music room...wouls eliminate lots of dead air!!! thanks


Sep 14, 07 at 11:23pm
lol buddy, or extra long versions of enigma's songs!!!!! eh i prefer the dead air! hehehehe

jk enig:P


Sep 17, 07 at 06:50am
JoJo also good for longggggggggg moaning sexual pleasure too ............. lol. :lol:


Sep 18, 07 at 04:42am
hahaha mmmmmmmm yes, but is it officially music for the music room??? lol:lol:

Deleted Member

Sep 19, 07 at 03:58pm
I should really pay more attention to the forums JOJO :-), wonderhow many post have my name in them LOL.

I know Jojo my animal magnetism is dangerous, and its strange how I always seem to spring into ur mind... you trying to tell me something maybe ? :P