Straying For The First Time

Straying For The First Time

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Sep 14, 07 at 03:07am
How do you start a story about the first time you ‘strayed’? From the beginning I suppose.

Thirty-odd years ago my husband and I first met and started dating. That was in the spring and we knew fairly early on that it was the real deal. So much so that we tried to have him included on the summer holiday I was booked to go on with my friend and her boyfriend. We weren’t successful so one summer morning I jetted off to Marbella in Spain with Valerie and her boyfriend Stephen.

I suppose I should explain that Valerie had talked me into the holiday after two disastrous relationships. The first had been a long-term boyfriend who had treated me quite appallingly and the other, almost on the rebound, an affair with a married man who just used me for his sexual gratification. Valerie reckoned that getting away would help me and besides I might even meet a nice guy for a change. Problem was by the time I went on holiday I’d found a nice guy and I’d left him at home!

So we arrived in Marbella and found ourselves in a really nice apartment. Sun, sand and sangria – what more could you ask for? The only problem was that the sun and sangria seemed to heighten Valerie and Stephen’s libido quite considerably. They were pretty physical anyway but now they seemed to be at it constantly and they were quite vocal in their lovemaking as well. Most nights (and quite a few mornings and afternoons) I lay in bed listening to them going at it like a pair of rabbits. At the start I found it quite erotic and would play with myself and make myself cum while listening to them.

That was okay at the start but fairly soon I began to get frustrated and realised if I kept eavesdropping that I would need something more than my fingers to satisfy me. So, when they began their kissing and cuddling pre-sex routine I’d get offside. It was fairly easy during the day, all I’d to do was take myself down to the pool and work on my tan. It was during one of these ‘tanning sessions’ that I got to know four Scottish guys who were also staying at our apartments. We’d met a few times during the holiday already and had a few drinks with them. So, when I started appearing poolside on my own during the afternoons the inevitable question would crop up ‘Where’s Valerie and Stephen’. ‘Busy’ I’d reply and they’d all laugh knowing exactly what I meant.

So it came to the last night of our holiday. The three of us had been out for a meal and ran into our Scottish friends. We had a few drinks with them then Valerie, Stephen and I headed back to the apartment. The plan had been to get an early night, get up early and enjoy the morning sun before we packed and headed home the following evening. Some early night! No sooner had Valerie and Stephen got into their room than they were at it. Lying alone and naked in my bed I began stroking my breasts while my fingering my clit, turned on and horny by the sounds coming from the next room. Then, suddenly, I stopped! ‘To hell with this!’ I thought. The idea of making myself cum while others were enjoying themselves just didn’t do it for me anymore. Rather than lie there I slipped on a t-shirt and a short denim skirt (I didn’t bother putting on any underwear) and sneaked out of the apartment.

Now, I‘d better make it clear that my only intention was to go down to the poolside bar, that stayed open quite late, for a couple of drinks while Valerie and Stephen finished. I certainly wasn’t going out looking to have my frustrations eased in anyway!

I’d just got a drink from the bar when I noticed Tom, one of the Scottish guys, sitting by his own. I went over and joined him and asked him where the other guys where. Tom explained that they headed out to one of the clubs for the night. And why hadn’t he gone with them I enquired. He explained that he been speaking to his girlfriend on the phone, was missing her and didn’t feel in the mood. He then wondered about my presence at the bar. ‘Valerie and Stephen are busy again and I couldn’t be bothered listening to them anymore’ I replied. Tom laughed and replied ‘Just us sad people then’.

Tom was my age, 21, fairly good looking and in shape. He was a rugby player like my boyfriend and the conversation between us just flowed. The problem was that it wasn’t the only thing flowing, so was the booze. Several drinks later and we were both pretty well on, enjoying each others company and in high spirits. ‘I suppose I’d better head up to bed’ I said ‘But I’d really like a stroll along the beach first. Fancy going for a quick walk Tom?’ Tom thought about it for a second then said ‘Better not Susie. You’re dating someone. I’ve a girlfriend. If the others found out they’d be making all sorts of suggestions!’ I was a bit angry and replied ‘Tom, I only asked you to go for a walk. Valerie and Stephen are enjoying themselves and your mates are off on the pull! We’re sitting here drowning our sorrows because we’re on our own! So do you fancy a walk or not?’ Tom shrugged his shoulders in defeat and said ‘Fair enough but don’t take advantage of me because I’m drunk’. I laughed, linked his arm and replied ‘And the same goes for you’.

So off we headed from the apartments down on to the beach. Imagine the scene, a warm Mediterranean night, a clear starry night and a full moon, the waves lapping the shore. After a while we sat down on a couple of sunloungers to admire the view. Now don’t ask me how it happened, whether it was the booze, sexual frustration, the setting or what, but next thing I knew we were kissing. What probably started off as a friendly kiss quickly became passionate French-kissing, our tongues having a samba dance session with each others. We pulled each other close and I was aware of how hard my nipples had become and that they were pressing through the thin cotton of my t-shirt against Tom’s chest. Tom obviously noticed for his hands were now inside my t-shirt, stroking my breasts and playing with my nipples. His fingers tweaking my nipples made me gasp in sheer, unadulterated passion.

Within seconds my t-shirt had been pulled off and thrown aside and I’d pulled open Tom’s shirt. I wanted to feel the heat of his body against mine and I was almost grinding my stiff nipples against his hairy chest. By now we were lying side by side on the sunloungers, our mouths and tongues hardly leaving each other, our hands caressing each others bodies. Tom was pulling my short skirt up, leaving it like a belt round my midriff and exposing my buttocks. His hands were stroking my cheeks and I parted my legs so he could explore my sodden wet pussy. I was brazen, I didn’t care, I wanted to feel a man touch me there and I was lost in my own passion. His hand slid between my legs and he began stroking my clit with his thumb while he slipped a finger inside me. Within seconds, all the frustration and pent up sexual energy exploded inside me with a massive orgasm. I lay there, bucking against his hand and just moaning ‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ over and over again.

As my orgasm began to subside slightly I knew what I wanted next and began scrabbling at Tom’s belt and ripping open his jeans. His hard cock sprang free. I’m not going to tell lies about him having the most enormous cock I’d ever seen but it was a pretty useful weapon, bigger than most, smaller than some. Any shyness I may have felt had long since disappeared. My hands and mouth made a bee line for his cock. The taste of his cock in my mouth and the feel of it in my hands was fantastic. I stroked his cock, sucked it, and played with it with my tongue. Tom was moving his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth but I didn’t want him cumming yet. I wanted him inside me first.

He was lying on his back on the sunlounger and I simply straddled him. His cock was standing straight up and I guided it with my hand against my soaking pussy. I was so wet that there was no resistance. As soon as he entered me I slid easily down his stiff shaft. He was hardly in me when I felt myself cumming again. I used my pelvic muscles and gripped that wonderful cock as tight as I could while shudders of passion and pure joy ran all through me. There was still one more thing I wanted, to feel him inside me and his weight on me. We moved so I was lying on my back, my skirt rucked up round my belly, Tom between my legs, his jeans round his ankles and shirt open. He slid into me again and what happened was just fucking for the pure joy of fucking. He was thrusting hard and frantically into me, my legs wrapped round his hips pulling him in as deep as possible, my nipples pressed hard against his chest felt like they were on fire and we were devouring each other with our mouths and tongues.

Tom grunted ‘Oh shit! I’m going to cum!’ I was so lost in my brazenness I hoarsely said ‘I want to see. Cum on my tits!’ Tom pulled out and suddenly he was spurting jets of cum over my belly and breasts. The sight of his cock twitching and spurting and the warmth of his cum as it spattered my belly and breasts triggered another orgasm and I lay there shuddering and moaning, completely lost to everything round me.

Tom collapsed on top of me and we lay there for several minutes, recovering our breath and some sense of composure. After several minutes I whispered to him ‘I suppose we’d better get cleaned up?’ Tom raised himself on one elbow and looked down my near naked body and then at his own, his cum sticky on both our skins. ‘Any suggestions how?’ he asked. I smiled and replied ‘Well, the Mediterranean’s just there. We could go skinny dipping!’ Next thing we’d abandoned all our remaining clothes and were naked in the sea. We pulled each other close and began kissing and caressing each other again. Toms hand slipped between my legs and began caressing my pussy again. I took his cock in his hand and felt it stiffening once more. We stayed like that for several minutes, gently bringing each other t one final orgasm each.

Then we looked at each other, standing naked in the sea. ‘Jesus! How am I going to explain this?’ Tom asked. ‘Do you need to explain anything?’ I replied. Tom started trying to explain about his girlfriend and my boyfriend and I placed a finger against his lips and shushed him. ‘Look, I really had a fantastic time and, despite what we’ve done, I don’t feel in the slightest guilty about it! How about you?’ Tom thought for a second then smiled ‘You know you’re right! I feel fantastic. Thanks Susie!’

We kissed one last time and walked back to the sunloungers to recover our clothes. We sat talking for a few minutes, letting the warm night breeze dry our skins, dressed and walked back along the beach to the apartments chatting happily. When we arrived back at the apartments who should we find sitting at the bar put Valerie and Stephen and Tom’s mates! ‘Where were you too?’ asked Valerie dropping a less than subtle hint as to what everyone thought. ‘Well’ I said looking her straight in the eye ‘You and Stephen were at it again and Tom had been deserted by this other lot so we went for a stroll along the beach. Why?’ ‘Just wondering’ Stephen said ‘See anything interesting? One of the other guests came back about five minutes ago and said there were a couple really going for it on the beach!’ Tom winked at me and said ‘Must have been down the other end. Trust us to miss all the action Susie!’ I laughed and then said ‘Right who’s going to get me a drink?’

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Sep 14, 07 at 08:19am
Very good, sexy story. Loved your profile pics too.8)

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Sep 15, 07 at 06:28am
Great story, very hot!:twisted:

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Sep 16, 07 at 11:14pm
great story! You write very well!! :-)

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Sep 17, 07 at 07:02am
Thanks everyone. Have a few more stories about what I usd to get uo to. Better get writing:oops:


Sep 21, 07 at 12:39pm
Real horny and sexy..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Sep 22, 07 at 06:08pm
Fabulous story there Ms.Susie.
I find it totally enthralling when I read a great, almost poetic story penned from a woman's hand.. in her own words. It's just so very enjoyable from her perspective.
Thank you.
I'm looking forward to reading more of your excapades.. and writings as well.
Marcus Knight