"Mystery Woman"; by Marcus Knight

"Mystery Woman"; by Marcus Knight

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Sep 13, 07 at 01:52pm
"Quick, before you lose me," (softly spoken, seemingly in my ear from behind me, in the shine of the lightning and just as quick... but then, it couldn't have come from there, could it?) "Fill your pages with these words of thought I give to you..." And so it began.
This is what I remember of that dark and rainy, windswept night, with all the lightning flashing in the distance, but engulfing the rooms of the house for immediate seconds with it's brightness. Waves of rain tormenting the shingles, the walls and the windows. I'm surprised she hasn't even stirred from all the commotion. And still a serene calmness all inside of me.

...Off in the distance of my mind, I hear soft, but harsh words being spoken from a room not far away. Evidentially, she had heard it all. "You shouldn't have come to him, he's mine! I want him all for myself. He is my husband and I won't share him with anyone!" Then, footsteps, the shower turning on and the water jetting down upon her as she steps in to wash away the anger, or what she believes is shame. This is to disguise the truth. Yes, far off in the distance I seem to hear her moaning, but I know it is only a dream... only a distant dream; it has to be.... For, knowing her as I do, it would only breed disgust.

I awaken in the night hot and sweating from the warmth of two bodies together. Her arm is lying across my chest, her leg upon me, knee almost in my groin. Her head at rest upon her small pillow which is resting on my shoulder. Her warm breath washing over my neck, sending chills through me. I move slowly, not wanting to awaken her from the restful sleep she is getting. I know I can slip back in without her making so much as a lost whisper in the wind. Loosening her arm I rise, walk blindly to the bathroom and sit to relieve myself, not wanting to bend to lift the seat; besides, my legs are too wobbly at the moment. I stand, toss my hair out of my eyes and wash my member off and then my hands. As I dry them, I hear her whisper again. She guides her hands across my shoulders and turns me slowly as she moves, softly speaking into my ear; light, airy voice, seemingly wavering through me. "I have waited for you for hours and now, you are mine." Am I still dreaming?

Her lips were whorishly red and glistening. Her eyes penetrated through me from the silhouette I see in the mirror and seem to hypnotize me. She moves to my side and as each flash of light dies, my mind reveals more and more of her. I turn and face her. Silken hair of dark auburn, the red highlights intertwined within; Hands and face milky white, almost stark, but with an enticing glow about her; I guide my sight down her form trying to make sense of this. Her rising breasts swell beneath the fabric of her blouse as her protruding nipples created creases and folds down the front to the waist of her skirt. Luxurious legs lead out of the skirt, which is mid-thigh length, hiding her fleshy mound; 'Pantied, or not, I wonder?' and then 'Who the hell are you and just what are you doing here, with me?' She seems to be able to hear my innermost thoughts, without me speaking. They are wrapped in black silk stockings, meeting her high-heeled feet at the end... or is that the beginning?

"It does not matter who or what I am, or why I am here. And I guess that you will have to answer that question on your own.", she says with a coy grin. Her lips part and her tongue sachets across them and wets them so that they glisten more. Again, I stand in wonder and question 'Why me; Why now? Are you really here?' but I can see her; I seem to be able to smell the sweetness of her skin. I feel her fingers and hands, feather-soft upon my body. She teases and pinches my left nipple with the fingers of one hand, while the other is caressing my naked ass. Her hands move to my head, fingers flowing through my hair and pulling me close. Her eyes are looking deeply into mine. Her lips meet mine, the lightning flashes again and now I melt into her arms. I ask myself 'Is it power she has, or is it only my weakness?', but it does not matter at this moment. Her tongue expertly begs mine to join it in an embrace; her wetted lips glide upon mine. Her mouth opens and she softly nibbles at my lips; her hands are holding me, pulling me close, teasing me, beckoning to me to come alive and let go, despite the wrongs of this.

She is an expert in her ways. Her mouth is moving over my face and neck. She reaches down and caresses my hardening manhood. The buttons of her blouse seem to open themselves, revealing first the rise of her breasts and then the dark aureoles and pert, standing nipples and her white flesh. My hands immediately are drawn to them, caressing them, kneading them, and rolling the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. My head bends my mouth opens and engulfs one of the pert nipples. My tongue thrashes first one, then the other. I suck on them deeply pulling her closer to me. Now I am kneeling in front of her, raising her skirt. Alas, I get my first glimpse, and find no panties at all. "No", she says, "let me take it off." I lean back and the skirt glides to the floor. She hooks one heeled foot under it and raises it to her awaiting hand. When she has it, she rests her heeled foot on my shoulder. I can see her lucious mound and the juices running down her high thighs, wetting the tops of her stockings. Her pussy lips, spread open by her position, revealed a soft pink-ness. Her mound is covered by short dark pubic hair. Her scent is of perfumed flowers. I cannot wait any longer. Starting at the top of her stocking, I begin to lick the juices that cover her soft inner thighs. I move higher; closer to the awaiting prize. My prick is standing straight up and is beginning to ooze pre-cum. I reach her mound and with painstaking slowness, I run my hungry tongue up and down one lip and then do the same to the other. When I reach the bottom, I begin again, moving closer and closer to the center. I move between the velvety lips and give her long satiating licks. The flow of her juices drives me and feeds the fire of my wanton lust for her. Alternately darting in and out of her with quick thrusts, I pause only to guide it in soft circles around the hooded lovebutton that is swelling from all of the attention and then press pointedly, just above it with even pressure.

One of my hands is clutching her ass cheek and after a gentle squeeze, I let my tongue slide into her opening and add two fingers, which I slip into her with a quick thrust. My other hand is caressing one of her soft breasts. She is licking her nipple through my fingers. Low moans escape her mouth as her passion rises from her soaking crotch to her head and flows all through her body. She quivers and her bottom and thigh muscles tighten as her first orgasm approaches. I roll the nipple of her breast tightly between my fingers. My other hand is rhythmically pumping, now with three fingers inserted, in and out of her. I cover the top of her mound with my mouth sucking her in and humming. The vibrations and my lapping tongue send her over the edge and loud moans and her hard breathing can be heard. Her leg that is over my shoulder pulls me closer and her hands grip my head and hold me snugly to her wet lovenest, as she rocks up and down on my face riding my mouth. Her juices are now a river, flowing mightily out of her. Her cumm is creamy and absolutely delicious and I can not get enough. My face is dripping as her orgasm subsides. I look up at her, smiling and see there is fire in her eyes. Her nipples are hard and erect. She takes her leg from my shoulder and lowers it to the floor. She whispers 'Come to me', tugging on me to stand. As I raise myself from my kneeling position, I let my tongue glide up her soft belly and over her pert nipples. I suck first one, then the other into my mouth, flicking my tongue over them. Then, her hands wrap my face as she pulls me to meet her open-mouthed kiss.

Grasping her bottom, I lift her and she seems to float there weightlessly. As I raise her up, her legs spread and wrap around my waist. Her feet rest on my buttocks and pull me to her. My erect cock brushes her moist mound and the length separates her soft pubic hair and labia, releasing a flow of warm juices that flow down my shaft and over my ballsack. Gently, I move up and down by rocking from my heels to my toes, teasing her and me. Our mouths again meet again in passionate kisses. I drink in all of her smells that are pasted all over my face. I marvel at her beauty; her silky hair; her glowing eyes; the softness of her body.

Truly I am in a trance. She has thoroughly enchanted me. I am in total awe of this mystery woman. She then lets my face go and begins to lick her juices off of my face and cheeks hungrily.

Her hands glide down between our bodies teasingly. I feel her long fingers teasing the head of my cock and then more as she grips my steely shaft and tugs me to her opening. One hand opens her lips as the other guides me in. Her legs tighten and she raises herself up just a bit, only to pounce back down mightily upon my cockshaft, taking me deep into her. Ah, the flush I feel in my cheeks as I'm enveloped by her womanhood. Again and again she tightens her legs lifting her up and releases them to slip fully down onto my swollen organ and have me penetrate her deeper and deeper. This magnificent creature is stroking me with her whole being. I almost stumble but catch myself by leaning my back against the wall. Now she is bouncing at a rapid pace and it is bringing me closer and closer to my own climax. She feels this and starts to nibble at my nipples. The nails of her fingers are raking lightly into my middle back. My moans get louder and louder. I feel so very close to release. I tell her of it and she slows a bit, but doesn't quite stop. She starts to squeeze the muscles inside her crotch and rises and lowers herself at a much slower pace. She intends to milk my thickness of all of its seed and sauce and it's working. My groin tightens my balls slip up and into the ready mode. I tell her that I am about to let go totally and burst into her and with that she raised up one final time and releases me out of her. What is she doing now? She can't leave me like this!
In gliding motion she stands and wraps her arms around me and slips down to her knees. No, I realize she won't leave me like this after all. Her nails bite into the flesh of my asscheeks. Opening her mouth she takes just the head of my cock into her mouth, clamping down on the swell of it, and sucks wildly. Her tongue swirls and pokes and then she takes my fullness deep into her throat and moans loudly. Her movements now are rapid; Up and down with speed. Gripping me, sucking me deep again and again into her throat and then letting me loose. The fingers of one of her hands find my pert bottomhole and swirl around it teasingly and with a quick thrust dive into my anus and start pumping in and out of me, driving me totally insane. My own hands reach and take her head in my hands. I'm a wild man pumping with every bit of strength I have. I'm breathing fast and the moans are loud now. My heartbeat pounds in my ears. The muscles of my ass tighten around her finger; her mouth feels the quake of my insides as my pending release is there now. I nearly scream the words "I'm going to Cumm now", but she knows this. It's the prize she's been waiting for. With a full thrust I bury my shaft into her throat, my ballsack tight against her chin and hold her there. The waves of my orgasm ripple through me. My eyes flash open and closed. My body shudders and shivers. The lightning crashes wildly outside. The rain pours down and the wind whips it against the house and windows. And I let go my spurting semen deep inside of her. Gushing. Jetting. Pumping out of me and into her. Her greedy moans and lusty hunger drinks me down and in. There is so much that some of it dribbles out the sides of her mouth and down onto her erect nipples. I watch her with slits of eyes and again start wildly pumping her hot mouth. Still I keep ejaculating my juices into her and now she opens her mouth and holds me at the base of my groin with the hand that was finger fucking my ass. Her other releases my asscheek and grips my member, squeezing me from bottom to top working out the last of my love juice; milking me.

In a total daze now my eyes close. The storm outside subsides. No crashing thunder now. The lightning still brightens the room, but now is off in the distance and the only sound I hear is the soft patter of raindrops on the roof and side of the house. I slip down the wall and onto the floor. I lay there for what seems an hour not really knowing the passing of time. When I finally begin to come to I see her, floating again almost as a vision cloud. "Come to me again soon" a soft enticing, dreamlike voice whispers. I pick myself up off the floor and stand up looking around the bathroom trying to find where it came from. Turning I look to the mirror and see that my hair is soaked in sweat and hanging all over my face. I push it away, turn on the cold water, soak a washcloth and wipe it over my face and neck and wonder "What the heck happened? Was it real? Who was that 'Mystery Woman'"?

I wander back out of the bathroom and quietly resume my place in bed. A few minutes pass and my wife lets out a moan and speaks in a low hushed tone in her sleep. She rolls over, gets up slowly and quietly walks into the bathroom. I do not move, letting her believe I am asleep next to her. And then I seem to hear her harsh words in the distance as I drift totally off into a blissful sleep.

Written by ~ Marcus Knight


Sep 13, 07 at 05:50pm