Speaker set up on pc's

Speaker set up on pc's

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Sep 13, 07 at 08:28am
I have a bit of a problem, I cant get my monitor speakers to work. All I have done is change my tower.....any ideas anyone? xxx

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Sep 14, 07 at 12:45pm
Eliminate the obvious first :-) - volume turned up on both the computer software and hardware? Have you definitely connected everything up properly - in the right place and fully plugged in?

Assuming you're running Windows, go to Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Click the Advanced tab in the speaker settings > in the drop down box choose the appropriate Monitor speakers setting and click OK.

Not sorted? Try plugging some headphones in to your tower and/or monitor if there's a headphone slot. Then you can see if there is any sound coming from the pc at all.

Download the latest drivers for your soundcard and monitor if you're still getting no joy.

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Sep 16, 07 at 07:09am
I had already eliminated the obvious hun but thank you anyway:wink: and everything is connected up properly.

Tried the control panel thingy also and no joy and I know the tower when connected to a different screen had sound.

If I have to pay for the download I'd rather just listen to the radio lol, I'll have a look.

Thanks for the reply and help hunni.....mwah xxxx

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Sep 16, 07 at 10:44am
Downloading the latest driver is not normally a charge for.

Two things you might check is,

Look for an off/on switch on your moniter.

Open the menu for your monitor and check the sound settings there.

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Sep 16, 07 at 10:53am
Awww shucks :oops: :D

Hang on, do you mean you've connected the tower to a new/different monitor, not got a completely new tower?

You shouldn't need to pay for any driver downloads, the manufacturer's site will have a downloads/drivers section in their support area.

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Sep 16, 07 at 11:00am
It sounds like she is using a monitor that was once working or is trying to get the speakers to work.

The most common problems in that case is the ones I listed above.

I have accidently turned my speakers off in the monitor menu and didn't realize it until after many hours of trying to find the problem for no sound. It happens....

If it has detactable speakers then there should be a power cord for the speakers in which case, the plug needs to be checked to make sure it is pluged in.

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Sep 16, 07 at 12:00pm
Basically I moved my screen from upstairs onto my tower downstairs as we are one screen short, how do I open the menu for my monitor speakers? If its via the buttons on the mointor I tried that and have no audio option on there

I have a twiddly knob on my monitor for the volume and its turned up full....I did use speakers originally but dont have the space to bring them downstairs as these pc's are at work...

Thanks guys I really appreciate this help, and I'm not even blonde anymore lol:oops:
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Sep 16, 07 at 12:58pm
Did the speakers work on your other computer?

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Sep 17, 07 at 03:16am
"twiddly knob"... bless!

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Sep 18, 07 at 01:22am
PMSL....I couldnt think what else to call it, you know when you forget the name of something and you cant for the life of you remember what it is well that's what happened to me, hence the twiddly knob....at least I didnt say the oogemaflip or the doobery lol.

On my other tower I had separate speakers and only ever used them and they worked. I suppose the thing to do would be to take my screen back upstairs and try the monitor without the separarte speakers and see if it works on my other tower.

Thanks guys for this xxxxxx