My first time

My first time

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Sep 12, 07 at 10:47am
The best sex I ever had before meeting my husband was my first time. Here is the story of my first time.

A couple of nights ago, my husband and I were discussing past sexual encounters and it reminded me of something that happened several years ago. I have never told anyone about this, not even my husband.

In 1980, my friend introduced me to a man named Sean. He was several years older than I at the time.

We were at my friends house where we always met. No particular reason, it just worked out that way.

The first time he kissed me, we were in my friends bedroom. We were standing there just talking, then all of the sudden he lowered his head and kissed me on the cheek. I was surprised and move away from him. Just a step back is all. He wondered why I stepped back and I explained that I was a bit shocked by his advances. I tried to move away from him further and leave the room, but he gently grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards him preventing my escape.

I turned to look back at him over my shoulder and he asked me please, do not leave just yet. Stay a bit longer. I tried to tell him that I couldn’t because I was scared. He asked me why and when I didn’t answer him, he pulled me back into the room, closer to him and he closed the bedroom door.

He then put his hands on my forearms and pulled me into his body and kissed me deeply. I then melted into his arms, suddenly very aware of his arousal. I could feel his hard-on pressing against me. He continued to kiss me softly on my lips until they parted accepting his tongue into my mouth for the first time. I must have forgotten about where I was for a bit, but suddenly realizing where I was and what I was doing, I began to get nervous again. I tried to leave again, but somehow gently, yet at the same time, forcefully kept me where I was. I was not sure which emotion was stronger: fear or desire.

He continued to kiss me deeply creating feelings within me that I had never experienced before. The more he kissed me the more my insides began to ache. Suddenly, I was aware of his hands softly rubbing my sides, then slowly moving further up towards my breasts. Then, the next thing I realized was his hands softly cupping my breasts and his thumbs softly circling my nipples. They were so hard and tingly and my pussy was starting to ache. I knew something was happening inside me and I had no control to stop it(even if I had wanted to).

Next thing that happened was he started kissing slowly down my neck towards my chest. I tried to stop him by putting my hands on his head and raising him up. He simply looked deeply into my eyes and I shook my head no. he asked why and I told him I was not ready for that just yet. He then kissed me again on my lips and I welcomed his kisses openly. I put my arms around him and he pulled me back into him. It felt so warm and safe in his arms it was frightening.

I began to wonder what it would be like to have him as my lover. Would he take me forcefully, or would he be gentle. I had to find out.

We moved over to the bed and he asked me to touch him. I unbuttoned his shirt with shaky hands and trembling fingers and pulled it from the waistband of his pants and pulled it off of his shoulders. I then started to caress his chest through his hair. I noticed he started breathing harder. I started rubbing lower on his stomach and felt him flinch at my touch. I did not go any lower, so he unbuckled his belt, unfastened and unzipped his jeans and stood up. He then asked me to take them off of him. I slowly pulled his pants and underware over his hips and slowly down his thighs. Not once did I look at his penis. I was afraid if I did, I would be lost for sure. His jeans finally off, he sat back down on the bed and leaned over me and continued to kiss me. He took my hand and brought it to him and laid it over his cock. He slowly stroked my hand up and down on his shaft and told me to do that for him. My hand picked up the rhythm naturally and as I continued to stroke him he began to moan. I stopped but he said to keep doing that because it was really feeling good so I continued. He then started to take off my shirt but I stopped him. He again kissed me and I melted to his wishes. . I was lost in the feeling for sure by now. I continued to stroke his cock and it felt so good holding it in my hand. It felt like he had a thousand hands they were all over me.Ne xt thing I know my shirt and bra came off and he was gently sucking my nipples. It felt so good. He then stopped what he was doing and I noticed he was staring at my breasts. He then said that they were beautiful he leaned back down and continued to suck them. My pussy was so hot and wet by this point, I thought I would explode. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I didn’t even feel it. He was paying so much attention to my breasts. God I was so hot!

He had me stand up in front of him and I took off my shoes and socks. He then undressed me but he left my panties on. We laid back on the bed and just looked at each other . I raised my arms to cover my breasts, but he stopped me saying he wanted to look more. He slowly move my arms back down to my side and took it all in. Softly he began to touch me again rubbing up and down my sides and slowly bringing his touch to my stomach and breasts. He ever so softly began to move his hands further down then slowly removed my panties for the first time.

He then laid me down on the bed and he joined me. We kissed and our hands roamed everywhere, he sucked on my nipples and I rubbed his cock. He moved his hand down further and started rubbing my hot wet pussy. I was aching for his touch. A finger finally rubbing my clit slowly up and down making me hotter and wetter. He put a finger inside my pussy and it felt so good. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. He had me cumming in no time on his fingers.

After that first cum, he moved over onto his side and brought my hand to his penis again. I rubbed his penis a few more times and then he kissed me som more.

He rolled over onto his back and pulled me on top of him. He had me straddle his waist and sit on him. He looked up at me and I looked down on him and deep into each other’s eyes. He raised me up just a little so I was inches away from the head of his hard and visibly throbbing cock.

Oh, so slowly, he lowered me down onto him. I gasped at first contact. Then as he slowly sank into me filling me completely. It was a perfect fit. We laid there completely still just taking in the sensation. Slowly, he started moving my hips as to set up a rhythm. I found my own rhythm and he let me ride. He felt so hard inside me I was so hot and wet. I felt tingles all over and had never felt this way before. He again took my breasts into the palms of his hands and began to squeeze and pull on my nipples.

Finally, he raised his head and took them into his mouth and sucked them. This only fueled the fire. I started to pump his cock harder and harder into my pussy. I came so hard I thought I would pass out. Suddenly, he was really pounding into me and I felt him cumming inside me for the first time.

Unfortunately, that was the one and only time we had sex. Sure we saw each other several times, but just could not get together for a repeat performance.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I know I enjoyed writing it. My pussy is so wet now, I can’t wait for hubby to get home.


Sep 13, 07 at 07:58am
Great story what a turn on it makes u think back in time an remember all the excitement when u were younger

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Sep 13, 07 at 01:49pm
Such vibrant feeling, tantalizing nuances of lusting and wanting sexual contact. My mind also raced back to more than a few 'aquaintences' that became so much more in my life. Now, being married for nearly 17 years, and so very much in love with my wife, i remember when... she and i... and myself and others...
Thank you, very much.. for 'guiding me back there' to the enviable yearning for unbridled lust and affection.. for all that came before, and for my wife now as well.
Just for the thoughts of 'heartbeat in head, so loud nothing else can be heard' of amazingly beautiful sex, lust and love.

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Sep 16, 07 at 11:12pm
great story..sounds like my first time too!!:D


Sep 17, 07 at 08:31am
:DMy first time was in Japan in 1960 I had got this little girl about 19 out of a bar which was the custom there at that time. She was 4'8" and was about 80lbs. Very pretty. We went to this old hotel that was about 100 yrs old. Classic building. We took a traditional bath in a large wooden tub. I have never been in water that hot and when I got out I was red as a lobster. We went back to the room and got into bed I did not know what I was doing but instinct guided me. When I put it in I discoverd that she was a vigin just as I was, we had sex for about ten minutes and I came for the first time in a pussy. I was 19 then and am 67 now, but I have never forgotten her or the sex.:D


Oct 20, 07 at 04:29am
Enjoyed the story, Sweetie! any more for our perving eyes to read??:D