Gangbanged Wife

Gangbanged Wife

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Dec 7, 07 at 10:30am
Hey good story kind of scary though in a theater almost like one of those scary B movies8O. Hey Purpleheart you name the Jellystone We have a couple here in Wisconsin:roll:
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Dec 8, 07 at 10:10am
Acouple of days later we discussed what had happened and decided that since she loved it so much that we would continue doing it but take the proper precautions.After that she carried plenty of condoms with her or we only played with people we knew and trusted.We also got tested and had a clean bill of health.:mrgreen:

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Dec 16, 07 at 12:19pm
sounds too good to be true to me .


Jan 30, 10 at 08:07pm
what numbers constitute a gangbang???


Feb 1, 10 at 01:38pm
3 times is my limit and I start getting sore !!! anybody remember gangbanglover she had some wild pics ! She was 60 yrs old ,real sun tanned ,married , had them standing in line.

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Feb 3, 10 at 09:14am
Quote (yogithebear * Dec 4, 2007 19:17)

Not to dampen the spitit of a truley hot story, but having sex with 26 strangers she met in a sleezy porn theatre seems a little dangerous STD wise to me. Hope that worked out ok.

This is certainly an understatement,,,,me thinks it is more than a little dangerous,,,,,,,


Feb 12, 10 at 08:12pm
Yogi, you said, "Hope that worked out ok."

Dude, you said that to a guy who had just said she'd been killed by a drunk driver.....

I can't say it's irony, exactly, but it's something.


Feb 13, 10 at 09:01am
well Dick, I was referring to the aftermath of the gangbang, not to the tragic event that happened later.

I still wish I'd been in that theatre tho, even if I didn't take part I would loved to have seen it.


Feb 14, 10 at 04:14pm
Yeah... I hear that.


Feb 14, 10 at 07:03pm
dream cum true of a wife u had there mate, sorry to read the last part though of her death. it sure will be interesting to read all your other sexcapades with her.