Sep 11, 07 at 10:19pm
It had been a long deployment- the Sailor had been aboard ship in the Persian gulf for the last six months with almost no shore liberty. But now they were back in the Atlantic, headed home to Norfolk.
He had a chance to email his wife. He told her how much he missed her and how "lonely" he had been. He told her that he was, in fact, so "lonely" that when she met him on the pier, she had better have a matress strapped to her back.
Her reply arrives shortly: "You better be the first one off the ship"

Deleted Member

Sep 27, 07 at 12:57pm
I get it! That is funny. I guess no one else got it!

In other words, who ever got off first would have been the first one because those men would have been horny as hell!

I liked it!