Bin Laden not a threat?

Bin Laden not a threat?


Sep 11, 07 at 06:38pm
A Bush staffer said Bin Laden ins not longer a threat, a mere figure head.
Local survey in paper here today asked the people if he is still a threat. 84% said yes he was; I agree. You?


Sep 11, 07 at 07:27pm
I don't think he has the capacity to run day to day functions of Al Quada, but I do think he is a hero amongst radical Islam, and his videos have to be an energizer for his cause.


Sep 11, 07 at 07:33pm
Ask our boys in Afghanistan and Iraq. And how many other radical splinter groups, and even some really radical governments(Iran) are using his name to recruit supporters?
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Sep 12, 07 at 07:49am
Well D.j. we may be dead before the actual history book on him ever comes out. I've always thought he spends his time in Pakistan/Iran; hell maybe even back in Saudi. His family is wealthy and he is very popular in that part of the world so probably has money coming in from others. Such a hugh reward on his head you would think someone would turn him in.
Took a long time to find the Alanta Olympics bomber and the Unibomber and they were right here in America.
Main problem for America and the West win B.L. is that if they catch him then he becomes a political prisoner to his followers and must be freed. Kill him he becomes a mytar that must be revenged. Long run maybe best he remains free and become nothing.

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Sep 12, 07 at 09:23am
His picture and image is way larger then his fluff. Its a mind thing as he well knows sucking the weak and frightend in. Agree with the matar thing as you see the resurgence of the swaztica even today. Evil hides in the minds til it makes one weak, creating havoc and disillusions turning against each others neighbors even kin. The only way to conquer such fear is to smash it and erradicate not using the bandaid effect, to watch it fester again and again. To lose confidence in self is to lose it all in the end. History tells the truth. Fight it, give up, conguer, or lay down til they take your family away as you watch helplessly with tears its been shown. Strength and Courage to fight for a cause of freedoms and goodness as we know, how could we let evil prevail as its shown? Only to be in the trenches could tell the real tell, not seeing some of these politicans slippery tails wondering whos side they hold for self gains. To doubt self or others and your own country and flag from known Genocide in those lands is a sure loss as the mind plays in his and their hands. The mind is more powerful then the strength in both arms. Bush not being perfect but he has tried. Tear him down and destroy his image over a Bin Laden?? Simply cruel, hes one of us or not, you've got your own words is it hate or the working over of the mind?


Sep 12, 07 at 09:36am
He's a hero only to those ignorant enough to follow him.

Look at the history... the mans been reduced from pulling off some of the most brutal and well planned attacks in history to hiding in caves trying to recuit car bombers.


Sep 12, 07 at 02:10pm
Depends on what you mean by "clean up"? Nuke them, not yet. Pull out entirely? not that either. Invade Iran?, think you would have to do it alone at this pint..


Sep 13, 07 at 06:16am
Posted by DuckyJR

"he sure didn't look like he had been hiding in a cave.Zepyer may be right,"I've always thought he spends his time in Pakistan/Iran"

probably took over command of hezbola by now.
you have all these conveniently leaked war plans for attacking iran over the last three or four years,would'nt suprise me if iran is protecting bin ladin.

i realy think there will be a couple of monkey wrenches thrown in the works before the warmongers leave office.
would you want to come into office next term and get to try and clean up this mess?"

With one person and that kind of funding, a lot of people could hide. But my point was he is doing just that... running and hiding constantly. I'm sure by now he has a taste of the paranoia Saddam went through.

Really the mess existed before Clinton left office, but neither he nor W could clean it up before it got messier. Both tried, but both also dealt with problems created in the past.

Iran is in the mix, that's a given. If they are helping Bin Laden directly is probably a much harder question.


Sep 13, 07 at 07:23am
Suppose just for a moment that we find out that Iran is in fact either hiding him or helping him?? What should we do about it?? Any military action against Iran right now would be a big mistake. Our military is stretched too thin as it is. Intel seems to put osama in Pakistan and they're supposed to be our 'allies' how would we ever get to him if he was in Iran?


Sep 13, 07 at 05:57pm
Listening to NPR the other day and they were discussing Bin Laden's recent videos. Some think he was wearing a fake beard. One fellow that has been researching Laden's life said that he might of shaved and changed appearance much as possible so he could hide in areas like Indonesia, Mylasia and some other western type countries.
He could be in hiding in Pak rather easily. Some of the Northern regions agaisn't the Afgan border can't be entered by the Paki army; they tried three times and lost all three.
He is so popular in Paki he could easily be taken into many villages and towns and ever receive protection from Paki intil agencies and army.
If he is in Iran then we take a look at our forces, reorganize, talk to our allies, and then the President (who ever it is) should ask Congress for a Declaration of War if they don't turn him over to us.