top photos or selective markering?

top photos or selective markering?

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Sep 10, 07 at 12:21pm
UPDATE: It takes some time to circulate all the new profiles and photos on the new site. But clearly all the photos are NOT being used for the "Top Photos" section of the site. WHY NOT?


Just wonder what it takes to get into the "top 50" section. I've noticed plenty of pretty ladies posing, a few oral candids, and no couples and "amateur" looking photos. Is this section just for the pretty ladies.

If as members we choose to vote on our favorite user pictures, shouldn't they be displayed on the top 50?

Noticing many member profile pictures, rating 4.5 and higher with over 10 votes, and yet they do not appear on the top 50 section.

What's up with that?
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Sep 11, 07 at 01:47am
ive got a rating of about the same as you simontanya and guess what???

i dont even post my pics hehehehehe

one day micheal bolton and his mullet will be in the top 50 , just you wait and see!!:P


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Sep 11, 07 at 06:07am
seems each photo needs at least 7 votes in order to post in the top 50, after that it should post if rated higher than the low average.

keeping my eye on it...8O