A prostitute

A prostitute

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Sep 9, 07 at 11:17pm
A prostitute went to visit a colleague in the
Hospital just before she was about to have a
Heart transplant.

The woman, concerned about her friend's welfare,
Went up to the surgeon who was going to perform
The operation and said "Doctor, I'm worried about my
Friend. What if her body rejects the organ?"

The doctor replied, "Well, she's 34 years old and
Is in extremely good health apart from her heart.

How long has she been in the business?"

The patient's friend replied, "She's been working
Since she was 18 years old but what's that got to
Do with anything?"

"Well," said the doctor, "if she's been working for 16
Years and hasn't rejected an organ, I don't think she's
About to start now!"