The Pros and Cons of Digital Photography

The Pros and Cons of Digital Photography


Jan 4, 17 at 08:47pm
Several years ago I ditched the film cameras and went totally digital when the quality of the photos taken digitally was as good as I could get from film.

Its great that you can take lots of photos and just delete the ones you don't want. No money wasted on bad shots.

You can more easily edit photos, creating some really neat effects with little effort, unlike the trial and error days.

Down side is I find I have less hard copies of photos to frame. I just never get around to printing them (my HP photo printer is a pain in the ass to get paper to feed correctly) and I never stop to have them printed when in town.

Any other amateurs have thoughts on the subject?


Jan 6, 17 at 04:35am
totally agree !*YES*