New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions


Jan 2, 17 at 07:13pm
Does anyone still make New Years Resolutions? They usually only get broken don't they! I am not going to give up alcohol or chocolate, and I don't smoke, so maybe I could keep my top on this year? Just a thought lol. Tabby.


Jan 4, 17 at 06:25pm
@}->--Mine resolution is to be patient,for the big reveal@}->--


Jan 4, 17 at 09:32pm
One of the best gags we ever did at a New Years Party was everyone attending the part wrote all their resolutions and put them in this giant prop sky rocket. At midnight we blew it up. The perfect start to a perfect New Year. LOL


Jan 4, 17 at 09:35pm
Maybe I should but, no, I do not!!!!


Jan 5, 17 at 02:35am
Tabby - surely you jest about keeping your top on! :-P You would be doing WW a disservice by keeping your lovely breasts covered up...


Jan 5, 17 at 08:39am
No I never make a resolution for the new year. No please don't keep your top on as you have great, big, beautifull tits. You know that lol!!


Jan 5, 17 at 10:12am
I resolve to see your tits more . . . and more . . . and more . . . :-)


Jan 11, 17 at 11:07pm
Quote (jason * Jan 4, 2017 18:25)

@}->--Mine resolution is to be patient,for the big reveal@}->--

You want me to take my socks off?


Jan 12, 17 at 06:48am
My resolution this year is to make no New Years Resolutions. But as I have made a resolution to make no New Years Resolutions I guess I have already broken it