Merry Xmas Sportsfans

Merry Xmas Sportsfans


Dec 24, 16 at 05:40pm
Merry xmas to all you guys , and the occasional gal , who have graced our wee corner of Watchersweb . May all yer baubles swing happily from your tree and may the team you suport have a great 2017 .


Dec 29, 16 at 06:32am
Merry Christmas Canis. Also to Beefy & Jim. Hope the new year bring lots of wins for our teams. Thanks to the 3 of you for keeping things going this year. Words can't really cover my appreciation.

An F1 Championship for Dan would be good.

Thanks & good wishes to all other contributors to Sport Discussions.

Special mention also to cindythebear for keeping a moderators eye on this page while I've been missing.

Cindy is most impressed with the behaviour of everyone who comes to sport.


Jan 2, 17 at 03:54am
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I've been babysitting a friend whose missus chucked him out so it hasn't been the best of Christmases.
Let's hope 2017 is a better year than 2016 for everyone. Too many nice people dying and too many evil people still alive.
Looking forward to some ritual Stainles leg pulling :-)


Jan 11, 17 at 09:14am
Bit late, but HNY to all. Not been on here much over the last few months so need to put that right....


Jan 18, 17 at 12:49pm
Stainles is back this year, Jim, so we can do some Aussie baiting at last :-)