Changing default Profile Picture

Changing default Profile Picture


Sep 8, 07 at 05:46pm
Hi Guys

Does anyone know how to change the default profile picture. I cant seem to find it anywhere.

Deleted Member

Sep 8, 07 at 05:52pm
I'm pissed.
I thought with the WW upgrade they would have got with the program and made WW Mac compatable.
There are a lot of swingers out ther who use Mac.


Sep 8, 07 at 05:52pm
Found It

Photos->Select Image->Make Thumbnail


Sep 8, 07 at 07:44pm
Thank YOU!!!:bye:


Oct 8, 16 at 06:21pm
Please tell me in detail how to post my pic in my profile.
Thank You


Oct 8, 16 at 09:17pm

You will find the info at: