How many guys watched your wife fuck and/or sucked

How many guys watched your wife fuck and/or sucked


Dec 8, 13 at 02:17pm
Would you guys watch your wife get naked in front of a bunch of guys. and how many would let them fuck your wives and watch her suck other guys?


Dec 8, 13 at 07:31pm
All ready did it and it was damn erotic!


Dec 9, 13 at 09:30am
Still trying....but I'd let her. She's committed she says to just 1 and that should be enough for me!


Dec 9, 13 at 10:10am
I have seen my wife naked in front of others a few times, and would have no problem watching her fuck or suck either (that never happened unfortunately). She is no longer interested in sex tho, so I'm sure my party life is over.

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Dec 9, 13 at 04:45pm
Have never watched her with more than one guy at a time...but she was naked and doing a very good job of fucking and sucking.


Dec 10, 13 at 08:07am
Would love to watch her and she is willing if we can find the right one.


Dec 10, 13 at 12:16pm
Have seen my wife fucked many times when we were into swinging. The ultimate though was once at a gang bang, when she, along with one other woman, was the center of attention for six guys. She positively glowed from all the pleasure she got sucking and fucking those guys. Curiously, while she loved the experience, she has no desire to repeat it.


Dec 20, 13 at 01:52pm
Sure would. She is willing but we just need the right time and group. For her it needs to be a couples situation. It can't be just a bunch of guys doing her. A 6 - 10 couple orgy would be the best.

One of her fantasies is all three holes plugged at once.

I've seen her with another guy and she seen me with his wife. Was totally amazing to be having sex while watching each other have sex.


Dec 21, 13 at 07:08am
I've watched Maria many times with other guys. At first I would be the only one watching and we both loved it. Eventually curiosity got the better of her and she agreed to let some of my friends watch along with me. She stripped for them first then we had a lottery to decide who would fuck her and one guy fucked her while we all watched. Maria almost couldn't control her excitement as she stood there waiting to see who would fuck her.


Dec 26, 13 at 10:12am
Would love to try for my hubbies fantasy. Just tease men when I am out for the night. hehehe