Site suggestions

Site suggestions

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Sep 7, 07 at 12:11pm
Could find a 'site suggestions' place, so I hope this place will do.

Couple of thoughts:-

1) The new site seems to wste a lot of screen real estate = the brown/bronze backgrouns is nice but t I think it would be better to use more of the screen for the actual site - seems you're wasting about 25 - 30% on just colour?

2) for us non paying members - its nice to have the bookmark facility - allows us our 'hot list' equivalent - thanks for that, but how about the reciprocal -to ba able to see who;se bookmarked us - (whose hot list are you on?

3) Can we have lots more smilies:mrgreen:

Otherwise - getting used to it:mrgreen:


Sep 8, 07 at 04:48am
is there anyway to switch how you read the posts, have them start with the oldest on top?


Sep 8, 07 at 07:09am
That the biggest thing tryin to read from bottom to top and let everyone know what to do to activate their profiles.

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Sep 8, 07 at 08:49am
Another suggestion would be to provide links to the other sites that WW has like they do in the "old" clubhouse.
It was nice that I didn't have to put in my password when I wanted to go to WWblue8)

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Sep 8, 07 at 08:53am
8OIs there any way of saving the number of page? I have to change it each time I have re-signed in to WW.

Do you plan on adding any other features to our posting abilities? Some like there were in the old clubhouse - such as: quoting, url, bolding, changing font color, showing pictures, etc. Those features are what made the posting/replying fun and kept us coming back.

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Sep 9, 07 at 04:16pm
Wiggly - Re your point #1, someone who designs websites once told me that its more search engine friendly and alot of new desighed sites are this way, dont ask me why it's more search engine friendly though as I can't remember the reason.......

I agree with your second point also and another thing from me.......How about taking the number of mails us free members can send upped a wee bit to say 5 a day at least?

Oooo and another thing have the most recently replied to threads at the beginning like in the old forum aswell as having them read the right way round (I keep forgetting to start at the bottom lol) and no im not blonde anymore hehe

Dee xx:bye:
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