Wife fucks for me

Wife fucks for me


Jun 6, 13 at 01:32pm
It is the usual story happy marrage great life and a need for some spice. We tried swinging and it just didn't work for me. I like to see my wife pleased. So now we progress to mfm. She was scared but once the action started she relaxed, suckiing him while I ate her and made her gush. He ate her she sucked me. Double penetration him pussy me in her ass. Him doing anal on her. Her licking his balls and fucking bareback, pussy and ass. Him cumming in her ass and pussy and mouth. So you might say we did it all except bi. But I have to admit that watching her suck a dick it made me want to try but so far no go. She has had several fuck buddies and I always try to tell them what she likes so all are happy. One guy in particular was able to cum multiple times and usually unloaded in all three holes and yes I have eaten a creampie and I know her pussy taste so great after she has been fucked soundly. I have taken hundreds of photos of her posing and fucking and sucking and it still gets me off. Now after colal rectul sugary on me I am now impudentent. (forgive spelliing). So now when it is just us she eats me and I eat her. I just love the look on her face when she is getting fucked or eaten. It is priceless! My wife is the best and I really appreciate her she always fufills my fantises. I have posted pics of her posing and getting fucked and being eaten and sucking I really appreciate all the great responses I have recieved.


Feb 19, 15 at 11:49am
I also love to see my wife fucked by other men. I was the one who introduced her to MFM years ago and she loves it.She does this as much as possible and I film as much of the action as possible


Feb 19, 15 at 12:27pm
I have to agree!
Is is such a turn on watching her get pleasured by two hard cocks is so exciting! Have had the pleasure of being asked and joining and pleasing some close friends wife-girlfriend! And lets just say she and all had so much have had the pleasure of being asked back!!!!:-D


Mar 6, 15 at 01:49pm

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Mar 8, 15 at 11:46am
It's still only a fantasy for me. Although she enjoys her 8" play mate "Norman" dildo. I like to fuck her with it while she has my cock in her throat.....wow I get turned thinking about.