Ex girlfriend from NJ Nude pics?

Ex girlfriend from NJ Nude pics?


Dec 19, 10 at 08:56am
Hi, I have been with my jersey girl for 20 yrs. She loves to pose nude and has told me that all her ex boyfriendshave taken nude pics of her. What we would like is if you have taken any pics of her to share them with us. Her name Is Jen and she was from Ocean township. We can be reached directly at

Pls make contacts in a pm, yogi
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Dec 20, 10 at 07:52am
I'm in NJ! but I do not have any pics of your woman!


Dec 20, 10 at 09:33am
i'm from toms river and don't have any pictures of her.sorry


Dec 26, 10 at 09:37am
We now have beautiful pics of her!



Dec 26, 10 at 09:49am
I don't have any but you can send me some if you wish.
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Dec 29, 10 at 05:37am
guys your kinda missing the point here. We were hoping that one you watchers from Jersey would have some if you dated her back in the day to send us

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Jan 1, 11 at 02:26am
very very cool you have very nice body il like you style more pic pleas


Jan 3, 11 at 02:47pm
Hey send a new guy some.


Jan 11, 11 at 06:36am
No one has any of her from when you dated her? :-(


Jan 11, 11 at 05:34pm
Your really not giving a lot of information to start with.
TIme frame?
Cities she lived in?
what she did for a living?
Then remember this is a site from Austrilia. Even though there are a lot of yanks here members are from all over.