getting caught sucking you stop?

getting caught sucking you stop?


Dec 3, 10 at 06:02pm
I have sucked off my hubby and have had on a few occasions , another male friend walk in.I just smile and kept sucking.,what else can you do???? what would you do?? I sort of wished they stayed.Perhaps i should close the door a little more..teeheee


Dec 3, 10 at 07:03pm
Where were you girl?
How many times have you been interrupted? Does it happen often? Sounds like you like to get caught. I know that I like a little chance of being seen, makes things a little more interesting............of course, not getting caught on purpose, sort of accidently, you know?


Dec 3, 10 at 09:05pm
A friend of mine [male] went in the bathroom at a burger king and a guy and girl were leaning on the counter sucking away ,he said he went to pee and they never skipped a beat.


Dec 13, 10 at 07:53pm
If i was to walk into a room while you were sucking off any guy, I think Id be over there & drop my pants, & give you another cock to suck on thats if you could handle 2 cocks at once lol Redwood, as for you Pacouple44 how id love your idea of being caught too, how id love to have sex outdoors, or just having my cock sucked, as it adds to the excitement knowing that some 1 is watching you. a lot more of a turn on !!! too.

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Dec 14, 10 at 02:27pm
Please don't stop. Do you mind if I watch though?


Jan 21, 11 at 08:20pm
I do like to get caught, not only would i enjoy havin them join us, but to stay and watch would be just as fun.


Jan 24, 11 at 05:14am
My wife came home from her date with her boyfriend early and I didn't here her come in the house. I hadn't told her that while she had been with her bf, I had been with my old boyfriend and was really going down on him when she walked in.
OMG... I got a mouth full of cum


Jan 28, 11 at 11:46am
i was a bouncer in a large redneck/cowboy/biker bar several years ago.
one night, saturday night.... a woman came into the bar and i knew immediately that i'd get her into the parkin' lot before the night was over.
around 11:00pm, she said she needed some fresh air, so i took her out the back exit. we got outside, she stopped, turned around, kissed me, hiked up her mini skirt showing me her pantiless, shaved pussy.
before i knew it, she was on her knees trying to suck the life out of my dick....and was doing a pretty good job.
then...the backdoor opened....there stood my boss, two other bouncers and three women. i was trying to push my dick down the woman's throat. she saw the other people but that only made her suck harder. they all just stood and watched.
after several minutes watching my boss and the others went back inside. before he closed the boss, with a smile on his face said, "when ya'll get finished...go around front, i'm locking this door." lol..he locked us
the woman kept right on suckin'-n-strokin' til i filled her throat with my warm, salty cream.
then we had to walk around to the front door and resumed partying.
when i got off work that morning around 4:00am, the woman was sitting on the tailgate of my pick-up truck.
one thang led to another and pretty soon we were humpin' in the bed of my truck in the parking lot. i looked around and there stood my boss...watchin'. fuckin'
i spent the next two days with that woman and finally on teusday i took her home. i never saw her again.
oh well!

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Jan 28, 11 at 01:31pm
I wouldn't stop any of you ladies from sucking my cock if we got caught. ;-)


Jan 28, 11 at 01:41pm
redwood , why not film a good blowjob and put it in the video section here for us all???