Kudos! :D

Kudos! :D

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Sep 4, 07 at 09:13am
I've seen a lot of negative comments on here about the new site. Well, I think it's time for some positive comments now. I understand it may take some getting used to and it's running a bit slow for now. However, I think they did a great job setting it up. It seems to me that the WW team invested a great deal of time into the site. And for that they should be commended. Personally, I enjoy the new features and miss some of the old ones.. but it's a really nice site.. Thanks WW team! KUDOS to you! :-)
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Sep 4, 07 at 10:17am
It's going to be really nice to see what features they have disabled in order to accomodate the exodus from the old clubhouse to the new. I wonder if any of the staff has gotten any sleep in the last few days?

A really Awesome job, folks!!



Sep 4, 07 at 10:53am
8)Yea kinda slow but will give it a couple of weeks and hope it speeds up, besides that nice content and graphic, seem rather nice thanks and good job all:-)


Sep 5, 07 at 04:04pm
Gotta agree. I miss some of the features of the old profile, and hopefully with enough feedback and time, the crew will be able to bring those features back. It took a while to learn how to navigate the site and learn all the features in the profile, but once I did, it was a snap.


Sep 5, 07 at 04:31pm
I am havin so much fun already.

I agree with WD; can't w8 to see future surprises.

DS x

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Sep 5, 07 at 04:48pm
Me likes it alot......:D


Sep 5, 07 at 08:02pm
bump! i like the new look also, the colours and much kinder to my eyes too!8O lol

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Sep 5, 07 at 08:07pm
And there are no mullets to look at.

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Sep 5, 07 at 08:11pm
:mrgreen: Awesome job guys and gals! I love the new sites, profiles. Thank you for all your hard work!!! I know you are probably at your wits end. Take a deep breath...it's alll good!!! Thanks!


Sep 5, 07 at 08:47pm
well, the more I get used to it the less intimidated I am by it. lol I think I'll get used to it. I don't care for the whole 'dating' thing tho. The rest is nice tho