Wife at the theater

Wife at the theater


Jan 18, 10 at 07:15pm
I talked my wife into going to one of those adult theaters where they show nothing but porn. When I would see a guy jacking off I would send her over to suck his cock ans she did, actually she did quite a few.


Jan 19, 10 at 01:18am
Mmm! Now where can I get me some of that action!


Jan 20, 10 at 11:34am
Hope you got some dick as well.


Jan 20, 10 at 07:02pm
good wife you go man


Jan 23, 10 at 11:17am
I'm not close minded, but the theater story unnerves me a bit. Maybe it's because I've seen one of those theaters during the day, in bright lighting? Nasty, nasty place. Or, maybe it's the usual patrons? Don't know.

The mere fact that you and your wife go out and she'll give BJs on request is all right, but maybe the targeted ... audience ... for lack of a better word might use improvement. But, maybe that's the actual thing that gets you two off? That's all you.


Apr 15, 10 at 06:38pm
Wife and I went to a local X-rated theater when we were dating back in 1979. It was the one and only time she went to one. Her idea to go.

She was one of three females in the place. We sat one of the last rows away from everyone else. Watched 1/2 the first movie (yes a double feature) when we noticed one of the women walking around the theater. She stopped near one guy, got on her knees and sucked him off. Finished him and moved on to someone else. She blew 3 or 4 guys then went back to her seat.

The second movie must have been better than the first as the wife slipped my hand into her jeans and her hand into mine. We played with each other for the rest og the movie. Got into the car after the movie, drove around behind the theater and had a quickie.

The place closed in 1980 so we never got a chance to go back again.


May 2, 10 at 09:11pm
My first wife Julie had a wild side. After a night out with friends in Sydney she and I were walking back to our car and passed an adult shop. I talked her into going inside and having a look.
It was a laugh looking at all the sex toys. We noticed the booths for viewing movies and I got a handful of 2 dollar coins and she and I went in and watched an old style porn.
Julie jumped when something touched her through the glory hole that we didn't notice when we first walked in. I crouched down and looked in and met a guy eye to eye lol. He stood up and showed me his cock. Having a few drinks under my belt I thought it was funny and told Julie to have a look through the whole. She also found it amusing and said watching this guy was more fun than the porn movie. She told me that he was wanking and as she watched I put my hands down her top and played with her tits. The guy would stop and look through at us and Id hold Julies tits on display for him. I then took my own cock out and had Julie suck me in front of this stranger. Within seconds his cock was at the hole lol. Julie said she wasn't going to suck it and I talked her into just touching it. She was a bit shy about it at first but she soon got into it giving him a free hand job. When he shot his load it hit her left foot which was funny. We left the store like two kids being naughty. That was our first time at playing with glory holes. Ray


May 3, 10 at 04:42pm
Quote (gophawk * Apr 19, 2010 10:16)

That story really bothers me. I would love my wife to be a little more adventerous but not with total strangers. No tellling what kind of STDs you could get doing that.

A bad idea I think and just plain risky. You should protect your wife and yourself and use a little more common sense.

Think you missed the point in my post. My wife didn't go around blowing guys. One of the other women in the movie theater did.


Nov 11, 13 at 09:23am
my wife and i went to X-theater and there was one couple the wife liked and the woman had big breast. she showed to my wife who went t sucking on them. which led to a treat of pussy licking and him fucking my wife and me fucking his


Dec 2, 13 at 01:52pm
Two years ago , g/f and I late movie about 20 in the theatre. Moving to the top row a bit hidden with low lighting. Local public theatre all in timing just happened to be the night. From a handjob to a blow job, to her slipping her pants down. Eased on my cock and rode me holding onto the back of seat cowgirl. After I came slipping her jeans back up one leg out. Then paranoia was setting in wondering about hidden cameras? After movie walked out never to forget all safely done. Laughing shaking our heads a touch of the wild. Genuine truth...size 6 redhead she was fine, knowing we'd never forget that night.